Author Interview: Biana Kingsley

The Basics
Biana Kingsley
Genre(s) – Sizzling Romance
Current Publisher(s) – Red Rose Publishing

To Other Authors
What are the three MOST important pieces of advice you would give to a brand new author?

  • 1) Write from the heart and dig deep into pov and your character’s souls.
  • 2) Some of the best writers break standard writing rules so that their voice shines through.
  • 3) Remember that the content of books influence readers. If you prefer moral, honest people around you, keep your stories moral and honest.

What’s your favorite way to advertise?

  • Since I have been promoting for my sizzling romance Country Heat, what I’ve liked best is making new friends. Chatting, meeting authors and appearing in their newsletters has been fun. Author days are also fun because I can interact with my readers.

What hard-knock lesson did the publishing world teach you (can be your own experience or someone else’s that you learned from)?

  • For the most part, I have had a pleasant journey. Hard knocks from life are another story. What I have learned in my passage through life is patience, and to follow the wise words of – be true to yourself – which means trust yourself, follow your heart and not your head.

For the Readers
What are you reading, if anything, at the moment?

  • I am reading Kelly McDonough’s Christmas Wishes and Holiday Kisses. Her book is at Publish America. I purchased it because it sounded charming with its angel theme. So far, it is a delightful read. She has a wholesome style I like very much.

Do you prefer ebooks or print for your reading pleasure?

  • Both formats are wonderful. I love carrying around a book, especially if I should drop it. It won’t break. But I love ebooks, too, because I can shop for them without leaving home. I am eager to purchase an ebook reading device. There are so many, I am not sure what to choose.

Name three of your all-time-favorite, read-them-over-and-over books.

  • Amanda Quick’s Ravished
  • Belinda Palmer’s Guardian’s of Eternity fantasy series
  • Webster’s Thesaurus – the big one. I love words.

Idle Curiosity Compels Me to Ask
– What inspired you to be a writer?

  • I wanted a brand of hot romance about regular folks, like me. I love historical romances, and adventures, and biographies, but wanted to create love stories with a rural flavor that I could really identify with. Aubrey Woodhaus, the heroine in Country Heat, is in part like a real woman I’ve come to know. I found her semi-farm girl lifestyle and personality so interesting that she seemed a perfect fit a girl-next-door romance. I met her buying her ‘farm fresh’ eggs.

– What do you do immediately after finishing a manuscript?

  • Sigh with relief? Take a well needed break.

– Do you talk to your characters or your muse or both?

  • I would have to say that my characters come from the heart and then they tell me the story. So, rather than me talking to them, I relax back and let them come to life and lead the story.

Promo Section

~ Most Recent Release ~

Country Heat: Wolf in the Shadows

Genre: Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60435-221-4

Price: $5.99

Because of her painful past, Aubrey laments her growing love for Jensen. She likes to blame the fact that Jensen is fifteen years her junior, but she knows that’s not truly important because he’s responsible and reliable, just what she’s never known in a man. Jensen wants Aubrey, forever, despite her constant resistance. Using her impressive sensual appetite for him, he tames her extreme independence, and trains her to trust again. Third party treachery nearly destroys their romance and to survive the trauma they must summon every ounce of fortitude they have.

~ Coming Soon ~

I’m very pleased to report that my editor also enjoyed Country Heat 2: Broken Vows, and so, we will be working on that novel next for release sometime in 2009. As you can see by the subtitle of Book 2, Aubrey and Jensen must work at happily-ever-after as much as they did in Book 1 when again, treachery from an outside source very nearly brings their marriage to the point of no return.

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Thanks so much, Biana!!

Join me next week and meet Margaret L. Carter. See you then.

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