Author Interview: ND Hansen-Hill

The Basics
N.D. Hansen-Hill (awa Melody Knight)
Genre(s): SciFi, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, plus Romances in every sub-genre
Publisher(s): Red Rose Publishing, Carnal Passions, Five Star, Cerridwen Press, Linden Bay Romance, Double Dragon eBooks, Books In Motion, The Wild Rose Press

To Other Authors

What are the three MOST important pieces of advice you would give to a brand new author?

  • Persevere
  • Do your research
  • Believe in yourself

What’s your favorite way to advertise?

  • Ads, though I also like to post excerpts

What hard-knock lesson did the publishing world teach you (can be your own experience or someone else’s that you learned from)?

  • If you cannot “see” your scenes on your inner viewing screen—if they’re not “real” to you—it means you don’t believe what you’re writing. Convince yourself, then you can convince your reader.

For the Readers

What are you reading, if anything, at the moment?

  • Archaeology research papers

Do you prefer ebooks or print for your reading pleasure?

  • I prefer print, but tend to read more ebooks for convenience.

Name three of your all-time-favorite, read-them-over-and-over books.

  • The Sea Hunters by Clive Cussler
  • Masters of Deception by Al Seckel
  • Readers Digest Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers

Idle Curiosity Compels Me to Ask

– What inspired you to be a writer?

  • I checked 11 books out of the library and couldn’t “get into” any of them, so I decided to write what I wanted to read.

– What do you do immediately after finishing a manuscript?

  • I’m usually working on up to 5 at a time, so I put that one aside for a month and work on several others.

– Do you talk to your characters or your muse or both?

  • My characters do the talking, but I tend to be right there in the action with them! Many times, I’ll end up laughing or tense from encountering a ghost, climbing a cliff, etc. There are moments in my horror writing when I even scare myself!

Promo Section

~ Most Recent Release ~



Zack Logan’s origins are far from “local”. His family ties extend back five thousand years, to a time when Egyptians revered their Pharaohs as gods.

And his ties to god-status are much closer than anyone would suspect.

His life is disrupted by a few hours of unconstrained freedom, which unleash a craving for action he never anticipated. However much he may want to act on this inspiration, he is not a free agent. Whether he likes it or not, his destiny, and his life, are subject to scrutiny. There are designs upon his existence, which are about to come into conflict with Zack’s ideas…

…because he has a few designs of his own.

~ Coming Soon ~

Art & Soul

Red Rose Publishing

When Penelope Mallory murders Rollyn Rys’ painting, he has no choice but to track her down. After all, Rollie is a spy, frequently out of town while saving the world. He can’t have people like Pen running around, devaluing art, particularly when his family maintains several of the most prestigious galleries in town. Things go terribly wrong, and instead of warning her away, Rollie somehow ends up instilling her in the Rys Gallery, where she can be nothing but trouble. He vanishes to parts unknown after giving her the best job of her life, but without arranging for her paycheck. Pen is near destitute when she decides she must take steps.

Challenges arise when one of the Gallery’s newest acquisitions takes on an evil cast, and Pen realizes it needs only her touch to set it loose to wreak havoc. Demon or not, havoc abounds as Rollie determines that whatever Pen’s effect on pieces of art, her touch is something he can’t live without.

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