Book Haul (RT Con Follow-Up)

It’s been a little bit since RT Con Columbus ended, and I’ve finally gotten around to tallying up my books. It’s just a little belief that I should have something physical to show for shelling out that much cash (and being that exhausted) for a convention. Call me a merc, but that’s the way I am.

Even though I got two or three repeats (same publisher sponsoring multiple events), I made out pretty well. 😀

$792.06 in books. That’s almost $800.00 and almost twice as much as last year. That’s pretty funny considering I thought I hadn’t gotten that much. I missed a lot of free book events (free-for-all in the goody room, for instance). I guess I should thank Dorchester since it was three of their events where I cleaned up (specifically the prom night event).

I’m a happy Renee. Now to figure out which to keep and which to give to my beta reader and which to just give away.

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