Goals: ERIS Update #5

Well, I tried to make it but I was too tired to keep writing. When I get tired, words start disappearing even though I know I typed them. ;P

Last Week’s Goal: 57,700 – 62,700

Current Word Count: 55,100

This week there is no word count goal because the challenge ends
Friday, Nov 30th and the goal is to be finished. I don’t know what
length it will be so setting a word count is silly.

On the off chance that I don’t finish on the 30th, I plan to take a
break (a small one) and do my edits for SERENITY before returning to ERIS.

All-in-all, it’s coming along. all the major points are almost
written. I’m planning tonight to start from the beginning, string
everything together into a cohesive whole and add in whatever needs it
(descriptions, scene completions, etc).

Next Update – 30th Nov

Cya then

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