Golden Globes

I am watching the Golden Globes and happy that I am.

I used to watch awards shows religiously when I was younger, then I started working retail and my work nights always fell on the award show nights. No more. Woot.

There are some lovely dresses. I loved Milla Jovovich’s dress, and not just because she’s one of my favorite actresses. I’m also really partial to that style. Halle Berry’s outfit was nice too. My favorite dress is Olivia Wilde’s dress. That was surprising and very pretty. The hubby and I were like, “WOW! That is a lot of taffeta… or chiffon… or whatever it is. Wow.”

Seeing Emma Stone with platinum blonde hair was a shock. I didn’t recognize her until they announced what she was nominated for. She’s one of those people that looks totally different when you change her hair color.

Jennifer Lopez looked very stunning in her simple ensemble. I love that drape. Just the right touch of class. Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman were another two that caught my attention in a good way. I love those dresses.

Robert Downey, Jr.’s little presentation was hilarious. I’m happy that Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory won. That is a show that has crept into my heart thanks to him. Ricky Gervais was as irreverent as I heard he was last year. But hey, they invited him back so they knew it was coming. It was like being at a mini-roast for every person he talked about. Very funny.

And last but not least, How to Train Your Dragon got ROBBED!! What the hell!? That was completely crap. I love the Toy Story franchise like everyone else but there is no way that it beat out How to Train Your Dragon.

For a full list of nominees and winners, visit the Golden Globes site.

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