Hotel Curse Continues

Two points don’t make a straight line but three points do, and I can see where this line is going. My hubby and I are cursed when it comes to hotels.

Case #1 – San Francisco, CA
I don’t even remember what year it was. The hubby and I decided to do a fancy evening out with an overnight stay at a hotel in San Fran. The name of the hotel is unimportant as is the overall stay (since that’s a whole other blog post rant), but this is where the curse started. I set up the reservation and asked for a room with a king bed. We got double beds. I complained at the desk about the difference between the reservation and what we got. They gave us the “based upon availability” speech.

Oh well. Suck it up and deal. At least we got a room.

Case #2 – Baltimore, MD February 2009
The hubby is home for two weeks (I think it was two weeks) after spending six months in Iraq. The two weeks is a break before having to go back for another six months. He planned it for around Valentine’s Day. I figured a night away from home with a fancy dinner was in order.

I set up the reservation at a quaint hotel on the Inner Harbor. Reservation is for a room with a king bed. What do we get? If you said double beds, you’re already catching on to the theme of this story. Yup, we got double beds. Again!

It can’t possibly be a trend. It’s just a weird coincidence. That’s all.

Case #3 – Baltimore, MD February 2011
Here we go again. Another Valentine’s Day celebration. Another hotel (different from the one in 2009 for multiple reasons) and another reservation for a room with a king bed.

Do I even need to say it at this point?


I’m going to add this to our list of curses. We have the TV show curse — if we rarely catch a TV show that looks interesting and that we want to watch, chances are when we catch it again it will be the same exact episode we saw the last time we caught it. This happens ALL OF THE TIME to both of us. Matter of fact, I think it’s gotten worse since we got married thus making the TV show curse stronger.

But back to the original topic. I’m beginning to think I should reserve a room with double beds just so I can be pleasantly surprised when they give us a single king/queen.

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