It’s That Time Again…

I’ve got the spring cleaning bug. But it’s not the same as the usual spring cleaning bug. While my house does need some major TLC, I’m more thinking of my website.

My account with Website Tonight is almost up. Back when I renewed it two years ago, I said I wouldn’t renew it again simply because WT is too limiting. There are a ton of things I can’t do since it won’t allow me to upload php and javascript files.

Sooooo… I’m going to normal hosting and building the site from scratch. I’ll probably use a WP template to keep things organized but that’s my plan. As well, with normal hosting, I can finally use my Zen-Ren domain as more than a redirect. Thus Zen-Ren will have a site of her own. (Note: Yes, I refer to my alter ego in the third person.)

You might wonder why I don’t simply use the free version of WP. Simple, theme options. When using a hosted version of WP, I can use whatever theme I want and augment it to fit my needs. The free version hosted on the WP server doesn’t allow for that.

I want complete control of my site and the way it appears.

This is my after-taxes project. No, I haven’t done my taxes yet. If you saw how many receipts I had to wade through, you’d be procrastinating too. I’ll get to it. I just want to finish some stuff first. 😛

After July, I should be unveiling my new site. 😀

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