LKF #13 – Eris’s Hair

Little Known Fact #13 – Eris’s Hair

As I said in an LKF #7, I tend to put a bit of myself in all of my books. Not only the books themselves but my heroines as well. Eris got her hair from me.

Yup, I have dreadlocks. I’ve had them for going on 4 years now. They are down to my shoulder blades, guaranteeing that I lean back on them all of the time. I’m going to keep growing them just to see how long they get before I get sick of them and cut them back to a more manageable length.

I gave Eris dreadlocks for two reasons:

#1 – I wanted to give a heroine my hairstyle. Simplest reason of all. Back when I was writing ERIS (Eternal Truths, Book 1), I had just gotten my hair locked. As the old adage goes — write what you know.

#2 – Eris would be going back in time. She needed a hairstyle that required little to no maintenance since hair care products for black women would be hard to come by in the Middle Ages. It was either dreadlocks or let her hair revert into an afro.

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