LKF #19 – My Panya

Little Known Fact #19 – My Panya

So anyone who has read the dedication for ERIS (Eternal Truths, Book 1) might be wondering who is Panya and why is she mine.

Panya is the nickname of another Stephanie I know. She’s an old friend from college and also a beta reader for most of my novels. I try to mention all of my beta readers in the books they read for me as a way of saying thanks.

The dedication has a typo that I didn’t notice until it hit the shelves in print, which was a few months after it was in ebook. The dedication is supposed to say “Thanks to Panya and Jennifer…” not “Thanks to MY Panya and Jennifer…” 😛

I started to write “Thanks to my beta readers, Panya and Jennifer…” and then decided to shuffle the order of the sentence but forgot to re-read it before I sent it off. Editors tend not to mess with dedications since they figure the author has put exactly what they meant. Thus, I didn’t notice the typo until way later and she is now “my Panya.”

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