LKF #21 – Adrienne: Education

So I totally overestimated my ability to come up with thirty-one little known facts about ERIS (Eternal Truths, Book 1). I think I’ve pretty much exhausted every little fact about the book that doesn’t contain spoilers. So I’m switching gears and putting up LKFs for the rest of the month about my other two novels.

Little Known Fact #21 – ADRIENNE: Education

ADRIENNE was my debut novel. When I wrote the first draft, Adrienne was a high school student about to graduate (thus she was eighteen) instead of a college student about to graduate.

Somewhere in the middle of writing the first draft, I decided that Malik showing up to kidnap her from a high school probably wouldn’t go over that well, eighteen or not. So I switched it to college, thus making her older in the process.

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