LKF #29 – Serenity: Sequels

Little Known Fact #29 – SERENITY: Sequels

Anyone who has emailed me asking about this recently knows that I have promised to write the direct sequel (we’ll call it GS2) to SERENITY this year. In fact, I should start working on it in the next month or two. Depends on how fast I finish the current novel on which I’m working. I’ve already gotten GS2 plotted and 18,500 words written. I’m aiming for a book length of 75,000 – 90,000, though the book will be as long as the book wants to be.

Yes, GS2 is about Chigaru. I never had any intention of leaving him dangling. Though I never realized he would have such a huge following. I’m glad everyone likes him so much. I hope that persists when GS2 comes out.

Besides GS2, SERENITY has two other books that are directly related to it. The second sequel crosses over large chunks of SERENITY and GS2 timeline-wise. The third sequel is about Serenity and Melchior’s daughter with cameos of their other children, as well most of the characters from the previous Gezane Universe books.

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