Me Update: 22 Oct 2010

I went into Wally World and told ONE person that I shall be quitting their fine establishment (read that with a LOT of sarcasm). That one person was the lady in personnel so I could find out what I needed to do to make it official and all of that fun stuff.

I’m sure by the time my shift starts tonight, that ONE person will have grown to be half of the store. I’ll be fielding the same questions all night long:
– You’re really quitting?
– When is your last day?
– Why are you quitting?
– Are you all moving? Is that why you’re quitting?

I’m really quitting. My last day of work is 15 November 2010. I plan to celebrate… somehow. Have to discuss that with the hubby. The following weekend is PhilCon, so that should be interesting.

No we aren’t moving. Andy still has one year left on his do-not-move status. I’m hoping they don’t move us, but this is the military we’re talking about. It will happen. Not could… WILL.

I’m quitting because I want more time to write. I’m quitting because I want to do something with my house besides lament over the fact that I never have enough energy or time to do anything with my house. I’m quitting because the hubby and I want to do the baby thing and that job isn’t conducive to that plan. I’m quitting because I am sick of missing holidays and family get-togethers and life in general just because I work nights and weekends.

There’s a bunch of little petty reasons too:
– I don’t like driving out there (15 miles from my house) and people in MD really did get their licenses out of a crack jack box.
– Gas is too high to be driving 30 miles round trip when there is a Wally World five miles up the road (though they aren’t doing any transfers at the moment so nuts to that)
– I hate the current place I work. I’d go into the many and varied reasons why I hate that place, but this is a public forum. 😛

I’m not too worried about going back to work should I need to because there is always AAFES. They are always hiring simply because they usually hire military dependents, which means their staff is never permanent. As a military spouse, I get preferential treatment. And I’ve worked at the Ft. Meade AAFES before. But, I don’t anticipate wanting to jump on that boat any time soon.

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