Mini-Post: Regular Post Postponed

I didn’t forget, so there! I just haven’t had time to do the proper research for my topic of choice, Romance Ratings. 🙂

I thought I’d pop in and say I didn’t get my newsletter written, I’m still working on Kashmir, I never read anything (I know, I know), and I didn’t get all the stuff in the mail that I wanted but I did mail some (kind of broke and waiting for paycheck).

New Goals for this week (even though it’s already started):
– As the last few weeks, finish Kashmir

– Mail goodie bags — once I get money, so if this goal doesn’t get done, I have a valid excuse.

– Write my newsletter (thank god this is only once a month)

– clean my house. don’t wanna but it’s gotta be done.

I’m day-jobless for a week, so I should be able to finish stuff. I’ll get to the topic as soon as I can, I promise. I want to do it right though.

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