Misc Ramblings #1

The thought just occurred to me again as it does when I’m sitting at my computer and contemplating all the things I have to do besides writing…

I want my stories to be finished. I have at least four stories that are so close to being finished it’s not even the least bit funny. I mean first-draft finished not ‘editing ready for publication’ finished. But still, finished is finished.

I know what the problem is and I wish it would go away. It’s because I’m almost finished that I can’t finish. Does that make sense? It’s an old character trait that I’m pretty sure I inherited from my mother. We start tons of things but hardly ever finish any of them.

Adrienne, Serenity, Acknowledging Meirion, A Valentine’s Gift for Tori, and the bunches of other stories I’ve finished but haven’t gotten contracted are proof positive that I can do it. But, with all things with me, I have to prove it again and again before I’ll believe it.


Maybe once I hit book number sixty, the message will be clear. In the meantime, I’m waiting for the blah feeling to wear off so I can get Eris and Pet’s Pleasure finished and off to their respective publishers. Then it’s on to GA Winter and possibly Lesbeth or maybe even Kashmir. It depends with which book I want to start the Conclave series… ie – which one is doing the most talking.

I’m aware this sounds like whining but I’d rather get it out than internalize it. Besides, it’s only whining if you actually read the entire post. ;P

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