Misc Ramblings #4 – Wii Fit

I am Wii Fit… as in, I now own the Wii Fit. 😀 And I didn’t have to pay an online scalper way more than the game actually costs to get it either.


Wanna know how?

After an unsuccessful (and somewhat half-hearted attempt) at obtaining a Wii Fit this past Tuesday, my husband found out that Toys R’ Us (nationwide it seems) would get a shipment on Sunday (today). Actually, they got the shipment Saturday since no one ships on Sunday and just held it until Sunday.

The TRU near us opens at 10am on Sundays. I thought, “Cool. I’ll just head there after I get off work (at 7am).” At first, I had hopes of being first in line and then reality set in and I was praying I’d be near the top ten.

Well, I was third in line. One couple had showed up at 6am and then left for breakfast. Another guy had taken the number one spot by the time they got back. We were joking around about TRU only getting one or two systems, which would mean I’d be out of luck.

Slowly, but surely more people trickled in. The next person after me showed up close to thirty minutes later and then the person after them maybe fifteen. We were all chatting and having a good time.

At about 9am, one of the store employees came out and announced that they only had 13 Wii Fits available and they would hand out tickets for purchasing them at 45 after. By that point, I’m totally happy since I’m #3 in line and I know I’ll get one.

It wasn’t until about 9:30am that the majority of the people showed. The people at the front of the line with me debated telling them about how many Wii Fits were available but ultimately said screw ’em, since that’s what they get for showing up a half hour before the store opens. (I know that’s evil but smugness creates evil in people, especially me ;P.)

9:45 rolls around and the line is curving around the shops. The TRU employee hands out the purchase tickets (not numbers, actual purchase tickets for the product) then makes the 13-on-hand announcement again. You should have seen the pissed off people at the end of the line, which had grown to about 30+ deep at that point. Me and the other people at the front of the line had no sympathy since we’d essentially been sitting around for 3 hours.

At 10am on the dot, we were led (yes led) to the electronics section where we were able to purchase the Wii Fit. I got the buyer protection plan too for the hell of it and then I was on my way home.

Unfortunately, I’m too tired to actually try it out. If this wasn’t a work night, I’d suck it up and go play but I do have to work tonight and therefore need sleep. But tomorrow is a another day. ;D

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