N is for Naughty

A to Z Challenge: N

N is for Naughty… as in what I’ve sunk into since being signed with Changeling Press back in October 2010. I’m not saying I wasn’t naughty before them. But my naughty was contained behind euphemisms and allusions.

I wrote Mainstream Romance and thought I would never cross into Erotic Romance. I would cringe over certain words and couldn’t write them. That was the main reason I was all about euphemisms and allusions. I didn’t write closed door sex scenes but I wasn’t about going into minute detail either.

M, the publisher at Changeling, assured me it would get easier and I didn’t see how. Coming up on my third anniversary with the company, I can tell you she was completely correct. If you read my first Erotic Romance Rite Men for Maya and then jump to my most recent Erotica piece Assistant’s Position 1: Before and After Work, you can see how far I’ve come… teehee.

Erotica was another doorway I thought I would never walk through and yet I find my muse running there more often than not. A simple phrase can spark an entire little rendezvous that begs to be written and suddenly I have a 6-10K word piece ready for publication. That’s how I Need an F came about. The two sequels I have planned came from reviewer BadBarb suggesting there might be more to the story. What do you know? She was right.

Based on the stories that have crossed my computer since October 2010, I can tell my muse was waiting for this particular flood gate to be opened. Luckily I’m able to switch back and forth between Mainstream and Erotic. I would have hated to lose my euphemisms. It’s fun to do a hot sex scene with only euphemisms and allusions without it turning into purple prose.

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