News: Changing Up a Bit

I’m changing the way I post to my blog. I usually have one huge post of news and goals and a topic with mini-posts in between. That’s a prob since I’ve been sitting on this post in hopes of having some news to impart (still waiting on the news).

Rather than keep waiting and delaying my post since I’m supposed to post once a week, I’ll be separating the posts:

– Topic Posts: Whatever topic I thought up for the week and my random ramblings on the subject.
– News Posts: Any news I have about books et al.
– Goals Posts: Instead of tacking this on to another post, I’ll just give it a post all its own. Then I can goals for the week, month, etc.
– Mini-Posts: These are usually to promote books I read and liked allot. That won’t change.

This means I’ll probably be updating more often or I may not, depending on life. It also means I won’t be sitting on news until my normal posting date. I’m also implementing categories so posts can be located easier.

Blogging is still new to me and I’m learning as I go. 🙂

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