News: Much Ado About Adrienne

Today is the day of good news about Adrienne it seems. I started off the day just trying to unwind from work and get some stuff done for RT promo. As a lark, I went to Amazon to see if Adrienne was listed yet. Lo and behold IT IS!

Click here to check it out.

How cool is that? I went thinking it wouldn’t be there yet and there it is. I’ve been posting everywhere to inform everyone about this great news. Including here. It even gave me an idea for my Wordless Wednesday post.

But that’s not all. While I was posting the bulletin to MySpace I found out my guest blog for Rogues and Romance was posted as well. This isn’t just any old guest blog about a random topic either. This is information you will find no where else, making it an exclusive:

Find out what didn’t make it into Adrienne. This includes deleted scenes, random info, and stuff about the way the book was before it was even submitted. The blog is in two parts and the first part is posted now.

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