Newsletter Contest Winner #3 (May) + RTC Winners #1

It’s time to announce the winners of my monthly newsletter roll call. Actually, it’s past time, but I got busy re-vamping my websites and let the time get away from me.

Remember, you have to be subscribed to my newsletter in order to play (hint hint).

May 2011 Newsletter
Box-o-Books Contest Winner
Deidre Cartwright (MO)

And, because I have joined the authors of Romance Trading Cards, I am also giving away the first set of my RTC cards in my monthly newsletter contests.

RTC Contest Winners
Jody Faltys (NE)
Kelly Thrash (AR)
Veronique Cummings (NY)
Cathy MacDonald (CA)
Christy McKenney (PA)
Bridget Wolfe (PA)
Sherry Strode (KY)
Candy Bezner (NY)
Tara Woods (AL)
Melissa Keith (VA)


Join me next month on my newsletter for another box of books, another round of RTC cards giveaway, and more winners.

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