Priorities — as in mine are a bit skewed.

My manga collection is cataloged and in order by title, as it should be. Actually that is wrong. First the manga is categorized by size — trade paperback and mass market (or what I call mass market since it is a little bigger than a mass market book). From there I divided the mass markets into two groups — adult titles and regular. Each of these three groups are on separate sets of bookshelves and alphabetized by title and then series number.

I know that sounds a little anal or OCD, but that’s the way I am. My DVDs are in order by medium (anime series, anime movie, animation series, animation movie, live action series, live action movies) and then title. Yes, my husband thinks I’m a little crazy but it’s the way I am.

Now this is where my priorities get a little skewed. My manga and DVDs are in order and all lined up and pretty (with the exception of the new DVDs I get every now and again. I have to incorporate those). My book collection however… some are on shelves, some are on the floor, the majority are still packed from the move in October 2009 (yes, we’ve been here almost a year and there are things still packed), some are down in my batcave with me, while the rest are in various rooms around the house.

I don’t even know what I own since I inherited part of my collection from a friend so I don’t like buying books unless they are new releases. That’s the only way I can guarantee I don’t already have a copy hidden somewhere.

For those people thinking I’m being paranoid or what have you, I picked up a lot of free books at RT Con Columbus, thinking they would be interesting to read. Turns out, I already own some of them. Oops. Not just one or two. I’ve found five repeats so far and that was from a quick skim through. Big oops. There’s no telling what I’ll turn up when I really start looking.

Well, not to worry. My mistake is someone else’s reward. I’m giving away my repeats and books I probably won’t read on my promo blog (DRB Presents 1st Chapters) starting in October. I’ll put up the full list of books I’ve unearthed so the weekly winners can choose two. I’ve got a list of 107 thus far. I’d probably have more but I didn’t feel like looking that hard. Also, I only needed 104 to start off this little shindig.

The list of 107 titles will appear on my blog some time before 01 October, before the weekly contests start.

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