RT Con Orlando: First Post


Well, I got here last night at around 6:30pm and then proceeded to lose my mind trying to figure out what I should do I next. I picked up my registration, which I was really happy they were doing early. I also nabbed Camille Anthony’s and Stephanie “Flash” Burke’s (and her hubby’s) because they were coming in later and there was no need not to grab them.

We stayed up until almost 2am jawing at each and laughing at how exhausted we all were. I drove from Augusta, GA, Camille drove from South Carolina and Flash drove all the way from Baltimore, MD (we already knew she was nuts). We all got here safe and sound. We’re not staying in the convention hotel but a rented “house” two miles down the road. The cost of the house and the cost of the hotel room was roughly the same, but in the house we have a full kitchen, three bedrooms, a laundry room, and one hell of master bath (thing is flippin’ huge!). So we’re having fun and we haven’t really done anything yet, convention-wise.

After I write this, I’m going to head to the shower and then we’re off to the hotel for breakfast. I may or may not be on TV, like I was last year, but we’ll see.

So I’ll be taking pictures and talking a lot and doing a lot and hopefully blogging about it. We’ll see what my time allows me.

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