S is for Set My Mind To It

A to Z Challenge: S

S is for Set My Mind to It… I am a champion procrastinator. Even when I say I’ll get a jump on something, I still leave it until the last minute and then rush. I’m one of those people who works well under pressure. In fact, I think I do better work under pressure. More than likely it’s because I’m not stressing small details or over-complicating the situation and just getting it done.

That said, when I set my mind to something it gets done — completely and without fail… usually on time. I’m pretty sure I procrastinate the way I do because I’m always looking for the best time to do a certain task. I know. I know. The best time to do anything is now because later isn’t promised. I get that. However, I’m the type who focuses on something completely when I start on it. As such, I want to make sure I have a chunk of time to do it without conflicting with anything else.

I read novels in one sitting (we’re talking 4-8hrs of reading — depending on the length of the book — with only potty breaks) and will watch and entire TV series from start to finish in one loooooong run. Most of my peers get distracted easily. I tend to have mental blinders and will keep going until the task is finished. Any interruption leads to extreme grumpiness partly due to being interrupted but mostly because of low blood sugar.

Usually what ever task has my attention at the time probably keeps me from eating. It’s not that I forget to eat. I just lose track of time and don’t realize I’m hungry until the headache sets in.

I could change this habit if I set my mind to it, but I figure why bother? It works for me. So long as everything gets done — and it usually does — it’s all good. A little rushing keeps me on my mental toes… is what I say now, but I’m sure I’ll complain about leaving things to the last minute next time I have to rush on something. 😛

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