Samhain New In Print Dec 2008

NEW IN PRINT FROM SAMHAIN – December 30, 2008
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New in Print by Author Name

One Love For Liv PRINT One Love For Liv PRINT by Marianne Arkins
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
ISBN: 978-1-60504-018-9
Length: 208 Pages
Price: 11.50
Cover art by Dawn Seewer

Liv is out to prove her high society fiancé is cheating on her. Can she do it without breaking a nail–or falling in love with Mike the mechanic?

Olivia “Liv” Leigh, wealthy socialite and spa owner, suspects her fiancé of cheating on her. Drastic steps are required to discover whether appearances are deceiving. And if those steps require a bit of stalking, a change of appearance, a hippo-sized dog named Spike, and sacrificing her manicure to clean house for a sexy-but-sloppy man whose neighbor is determined to break several of the strangest Guinness world records, why should that be a problem?

Mike, a happily single auto mechanic, is more than content sharing his bachelor pad with piles of laundry, dirty dishes, and a sneaky ferret. But when a half-crazed woman in a bad wig shows up on his doorstep, what’s a nice guy to do?

Why, invite her in, unknowingly help her in her search for the truth and, in the process, fall head over heels for a woman who’s never been less his type.

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Her Cinderella Complex PRINT Her Cinderella Complex PRINT by Jenna Bayley-Burke
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60504-013-4
Length: 216 Pages
Price: 12.00
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

She’s got the man–and the wedding–of her dreams. If only love were part of the fantasy.

Heather Tindall is forced to temp as a personal assistant until her dream job as an event planner comes along. Worse, her new boss has a penchant of running off new assistants before lunch. Heather’s not about to let her spotless employment record be ruined by a real estate mogul with an attitude problem, no matter how well he fills out a suit.

At first Curtis can’t believe the nerve of the woman who refuses his order to leave. Six months into their working relationship, her dedication still manages to surprise him. But her best efforts to protect his personal life can’t keep the press from seeing him as anything more than a playboy. Then it dawns on him that the perfect solution is right under his appointment book–Heather.

Swept off her kitten heels, Heather can’t help but accept the proposal of the man with whom she’s fallen in love. She hopes that in time he’ll come to feel something for her.

Curtis is determined not to feel anything, for anyone, ever. He’ll do anything Heather wants–but he’s not going to fall in love with her.

Except that will never do for a girl with a Cinderella Complex…

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Untamed Heart PRINT

Untamed Heart PRINT by Ally Blue

Genre: Gay-Lesbian Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60504-027-1
Length: 224 Pages
Price: 12.00
Cover art by Anne Cain

Revenge can’t heal a wounded soul.

When Leon Fisher finds his lover butchered in their bed, he does what any good assassin would do–he gets revenge. But killing the murderer doesn’t make the pain go away. Instead, it sends him on a vicious downward spiral into alcoholism and depression.

In a bid to force Leon to sober up and regain his edge, his mysterious employers–known only as “the organization”–send him to a private property in the wilds of Alaska. In the lush and remote Tongass National Forest, Leon encounters Grim, a strange but alluring young man who saves Leon’s life after a bear attack, then brings him to a cabin in the depths of the woods to recover.

Leon doesn’t expect to fall in love with this odd, subservient person, yet he can’t deny what he comes to feel for Grim. But Grim has a past he doesn’t talk about. A past just as dark and ugly as Leon’s. And both pasts are about to catch up with them.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit male/male sex, graphic language, intense violence, drug and alcohol use, and references to past abusive situations.

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Met By Chance PRINT

Met By Chance PRINT by Lynne Connolly
Genre: Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60504-017-2
Length: 256
Price: 13.50
Cover art by Anne Cain

There’s more to this man than satin and lace.

The third book in the Triple Countess series.

After a serious riding accident, Perdita Garland is back in society. Unfortunately the first man who catches her interest, Charles Dalton, Marquis of Petherbridge, turns out to be a popinjay with a spoiled daughter in tow. And his equally spoiled sister is flirting with the same fortune-hunting suitor who almost cost Perdita her life. What’s a lady to do? Warn the marquis of the danger, of course.

Charles knows that English society finds his manners and dress astonishing, but they cover a man broken by a disastrous marriage to a faithless wife. Now a widowed father determined not to be fooled again, he is nevertheless charmed by Perdita and the steely strength of will under her fragile exterior. If only the lady would mind her own business.

But when his impulsive sister elopes and kidnaps his daughter, he finds himself wishing he had listened to the little busybody. And Perdita, feeling partly responsible for the disaster, boldly sets out to help him put things right.

Alone in a strange city with his lordship, plunged into danger, Perdita discovers there is more than meets the eye under the pampered skin of the marquis. There is strength, power…and passion beyond her wildest dreams.

Warning: Graphic sexual intimacy between a man and a woman too obsessed with each other to notice where they are or why they shouldn’t.

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Savage Retribution PRINT Savage Retribution PRINT by Lexxie Couper
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Red Hots!
ISBN: 978-1-60504-019-6
Length: 264
Price: 14.00
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

An animal rights activist is about to get a crash course in werewolves. One she may not survive.

Lone Irish werewolf Declan O’Connell has lost everything–his family, his clan, even his freedom–to his arch-rival, Nathan Epoc. The head of an underground werewolf clan and a brilliant scientist, Epoc plans to use Declan to create a super-wolf, a creature capable of shifting the balance of power in the lycanthrope world. But Epoc’s plans are about to be thwarted.

Regan Thomas, a determined animal rights activist, rescues what she thinks is an ordinary wolf from his notorious animal testing facility in Sydney, Australia. She gets more than she bargained for when the wolf turns into an extremely hunky, extremely naked man who immediately drags her into a world where the clash between two opposing werewolf clans could spell the end of humankind.

Declan has survived without a clan for more years than he cares to remember, but sexy Regan stirs up all his fierce, alpha-wolf instincts. Now Declan has one last chance at revenge. But can he keep Regan alive, and resist the overwhelming attraction between them, long enough to stop Epoc?

Summer in Australia has never been this hot… or this dangerous.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, graphic violence, violent sex, high-speed car-chases, wild werewolf action and Australian sarcasm.

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Davin's Quest PRINT Davin’s Quest PRINT by Bianca D’Arc
Genre: Romantic SciFi-Futuristic, Red Hots!
ISBN: 978-1-60504-011-0
Length: 13.50
Price: 256 Pages
Cover art by Anne Cain

Which man will Callie choose, the alien or the warrior? Or can she have both?

Resonance Mates Book 2

For each Alvian, there is one perfect match–a Resonance Mate whose soul blends in perfect harmony. Unlike the rest of his race, Davin has emotions and suffers for it. Without a mate, he is doomed to go mad. Searching for answers and understanding, he seeks out Callie O’Hara, a human woman with strong empathic gifts. Could this fragile human be his Resonance Mate?

Rick St. John is a tough-as-nails survivor of the Alvian occupation of Earth. He doesn’t believe in much, but when he sees Callie for the first time, he starts to believe in love at first sight.

The Governing Council is gunning for Davin, the upstart who dares to defy them. And they’ll kill anyone who gets in their way. Davin and Rick must come to terms with their feelings for Callie in order to keep her safe, while she has to find a way to save them both…with her love.

Warning, this title contains hot alien love, explicit sex, graphic language, and ménage a trois.

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Lessons Learned PRINT Lessons Learned PRINT by Kate Davies
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59998-819-1
Length: 296 Pages
Price: 15.00
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

Lessons in Love – Move over, Mary Poppins! A free-spirited teacher is about to give a buttoned-up royal something he never expected–a lesson in love.

Hungry for adventure and eager to break free of her snobby home town, Brynn Dexter takes a teaching job in a foreign country, sight unseen. But when she arrives, she discovers the Laurivenia Academy doesn’t exist. And neither does the teaching job.

Alex du Charbonneaux, crown prince of Laurivenia, is tired of intense media scrutiny, and wary of social-climbing women who stoop to feigning interest in his vulnerable five-year-old daughter in order to get close to him. So if he fudged the details of the “teaching job” to protect his child–and his privacy–who can blame him?

His careful plans begin to unravel the moment Brynn appears on his doorstep. She is beautiful and free spirited, nothing like the dowdy, obedient nanny he ordered.

While being a nanny to a princess is a far cry from the teaching position Brynn expected, she quickly realizes the child is in dire need of a little fun in her life–as is her stuffed-shirt father. As she sets out to teach both of them how to live a little, sparks fly and unexpected passion burns between her and Alex.

But Alex’s deep-rooted suspicions linger, and Brynn struggles with the feeling that she is not good enough for him. So when the paparazzi discover their affair, all bets are off.

Can the prince and the nanny find common ground–and learn to trust in love?

Lessons in Trust – He’s the protector she never wanted–and the love she can’t let go.

Princess Lucia du Charbonneaux loves her life. Afforded a level of autonomy rarely enjoyed by royalty, she lives on her own and chooses staff members who give her the space she needs. But her new bodyguard refuses to play by the rules. His insistence on shadowing her 24/7 is cramping her style–and the sparks flying between them are on the verge of melting her carefully constructed Ice Princess façade. He needs to go before those sparks get too hot.

Eric Delmonico would be happy to leave. The infuriating, challenging, whip-smart princess is a royal pain. Not to mention her sinfully sexy body keeps him up at night in more ways than one. But her brother gave Eric the job, and he is determined to stay until the threat against her is neutralized.

An attempt is made on her life, and Eric spirits her away to a safe house in the country where passion ignites, leaving them both shaken. Together they must work to find the assassin before Lucia’s safety–and the connection between them–are lost forever.

Warning: This book contains hot lovin’ and frank language and explicit sex.

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To Tempt A Wolf PRINT To Tempt A Wolf PRINT by Colette Denee
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60504-026-4
Length: 248 Pages
Price: 13.00
Cover art by Christine Clavel

The best way to tempt a wolf? Offer something irresistibly sweet.

Cadon Sterling thought retirement would be easy. Then not only does a new Rune show up in his town, but his successor isn’t living up to expectations. Plus, his best friend is driving him crazy. On top of that, he just met a human who could tempt a saint to sin with the smallest whiff of fudge. Oh, yes, and there will be hell to pay should he fail to complete his task. Did he mention the fudge?

Brielle Austin lives a simple life. Make sweets, sell sweets. But simple doesn’t quite cover it when she meets Cadon, leader of a local pack of wolf-shifters. She’s afraid to offer her heart, but learns the hard way that some things just aren’t a matter of choice. As her safe little world slips from under her feet, Brielle struggles to accept the true nature of her magic, and her soul.

Blessed by Odin and targeted by two rival races, Cadon and Brielle fight to stay alive–and together–long enough to see the Rune gets where it needs to be. Enemies lurk around every corner, but it is the demons inside that will either kill them, or set them free.

Warning: This title contains graphic language, violence and explicit sex.

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Lights, Camera...Monsters PRINT Lights, Camera…Monsters PRINT by Lila Dubois
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Red Hots!
ISBN: 978-1-60504-016-5
Length: 216 Pages
Price: 12.00
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

When monsters need a makeover, they head for the one place that can make it happen. Hollywood.

Book 1, Monsters in Hollywood series.

Luke is desperate to save his people. A lifetime of sneaking in to human houses and watching movies has convinced him that if he can make a great movie about monsters, humanity will change its opinion of them. With his friends at his side, all in shiny new human bodies, Luke heads for Tinsel Town.

A rising Hollywood producer, all-business Lena knows a good story when she sees it. Luke? He’s just another amateur who wants to get famous. But Luke’s too gorgeous to pass up. And there’s something vulnerable about him that leads her to throw caution to the wind and invite him to dinner.

One night of incredible sex later, Lena wakes up next to the surprise of her life. She’s sleeping next to a monster. Literally.

Appearances aside, she finds herself wanting to help Luke save his people. But they’ve got more to worry about than just human prejudice.

Some of the monsters would rather stay in the closet–and to make them all stay there, they’re willing to kill.

Warning, this title contains the following: multiple orgasms, spanking, misuse of kitchen utensils and sex with monsters.

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Survivor PRINT Survivor PRINT by Mary Eason
Genre: Chick Lit
ISBN: 978-1-60504-022-6
Length: 248 Pages
Price: 13.00
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

The biggest challenge to Grace’s self-imposed celibacy? Love.

As a little girl, Grace Caldwell watched her father walk out on her mother as she struggled through the final stages of breast cancer. Grace, knowing the odds that she could suffer her mother’s fate, resolves to never to let any man close enough to hurt her that way.

Her new boss, Aaron Severn, isn’t hard to figure out–his reputation with women is legendary. She’s confident it won’t be hard for her to resist his charm. To her surprise, Aaron seems sensitive and caring, the kind of man who will be there for her, no matter what. Despite her vow of self-imposed celibacy, Grace finds herself allowing their friendship to grow deeper.

When her worst nightmare becomes reality, Grace’s past fear rears its ugly head, driving her to push him away. But Aaron’s not the kind of man to give up on Grace’s love–or her life–without a fight.

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Her Wiccan, Wiccan Ways PRINT Her Wiccan, Wiccan Ways PRINT by Traci Hall
Genre: Young Adult
ISBN: 978-1-60504-104-9
Length: 240 Pages
Price: 13.00
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

Just one spell. Problem solved. How hard can it be?

A Rhiannon Godfrey story.

Rhiannon Godfrey is a psychic prodigy, but her parents don’t see things her way. They think she needs a “normal” high school experience–she wants to stay in trendy Vegas. In the small farming town of Crystal Lake, being Wiccan doesn’t exactly help the Godfreys blend in.

Beyond angry, Rhiannon neglects to inform her parents the farmhouse they just bought is haunted. Instead, she decides to use the resident ghost to prove that she belongs back in Dr. Richards’s Institute of Parapsychology. Not that dispelling ghosts is her area of expertise, but really, how hard can it be?

And then there’s Jared Roberts. Totally hot. For a cowboy, that is. Only problem? He comes with an evil twin sister, the shallow and popular Janet. Janet’s only goal is to make Rhee’s life miserable. So when she and her friends decide it’s time for a little payback, Rhee goes to her mother’s book of spells. Janet needs to be taught a lesson, and what harm can come from a few words?

Just one little spell.

Warning: Read at your own risk! Scary ghosts and magickal moments inside.

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The King's Daughter PRINT The King’s Daughter PRINT by MC Halliday
Genre: Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60504-024-0
Length: 248 Pages
Price: 13.00
Cover art by Christine Clavel

As a dark web of spells closes in, Magaith may be Sygtryg’s only hope–and she his only destiny.

Magaith is resigned to fulfilling her father’s command that she marry the King of Connacht. It is her duty as daughter of the King of Munster, even though she harbors a secret love for her knight protector, Sygtryg.

Sygtryg’s honor will not allow him to betray his king, not even for the love of Magaith. His painful duty is to see her safely to the kingdom of Connacht, then neither see nor speak any more of her, forever. But as a web of black spells closes in around Magaith, she and Sygtryg join together to thwart the dark forces that would claim her life and gain dominion over all of Eire.

Ahead of her lies a destiny she could never have imagined, a journey in which she must follow ancient Druid pathways, encounter a sleeping dragon, and discover magical powers that are hers by right of blood.

As the journey grows ever more fraught with mortal pride, desire, jealousy, revenge and even her own terrible blunders, Magaith must risk everything, even Sygtryg’s love, to fulfill her destiny and save Eire.

For if the evil wizard who covets her cannot have her, he will see her dead.

Warning: This title contains explicit sex.

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The Crown of Zeus PRINT The Crown of Zeus PRINT by Christine Norris
Genre: Young Adult
ISBN: 978-1-60504-023-3
Length: 248 Pages
Price: 13.00
Cover art by Christine Clavel

Which is worse: Having to start life over, or being eaten by a Minotaur?

The Library of Athena, Book One

Thirteen-year-old Megan Montgomery’s world is falling apart. Her father’s promotion means leaving her whole life in New York behind. She finds herself transplanted to a huge, lonely manor house in the English countryside, with no one for company but the distant staff. Her new school only adds to her misery–neither the girls nor the teachers seem to like her.

Then Megan meets three girls who actually talk to her instead of about her, and at first she thinks things are getting better. But the girls seem more interested in the strange rumors that the house is haunted. Desperate to make friends, Megan invites them to sleep over for the weekend.

A discovery of a cryptic poem, a key and a diary written by the builder of the manor–an eccentric archaeologist–turns the sleepover into a treasure hunt. Clues lead the girls to believe the Parthenon holds a great secret–and suddenly they find themselves sucked into one man’s version of Ancient Greece. The only way home is to find an object thought to be mere legend.

If they survive that long.

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A Little Harmless Pleasure PRINT A Little Harmless Pleasure PRINT by Melissa Schroeder
Genre: Interracial Romance, Red Hots!
ISBN: 978-1-59998-561-9
Length: 232 Pages
Price: 12.50
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

Is it love, or a little harmless pleasure?

Second in the Harmless series.

Cynthia Myers meets Chris Dupree at her former fiance’s wedding. After a little dancing, and champagne, she ends up back in Chris’s hotel room. For one night of down and dirty sex. That’s it, that’s all. He lives far away, and she has other things to do…like get a life.

Chris is a switch. He likes to dominate but he also likes to play the role of a submissive from time to time. His last relationship with a sub turned nasty and since then, he has shied away from anything but straight vanilla sex. When he meets Cynthia, he finds a woman who could change his mind. His mate. The only problem is he has to convince her.

In a carefully orchestrated seduction, Chris teaches Cynthia about submission and dominance, allowing her take the reins. As he leads her through pleasures she thought she’d never experience, Cynthia’s self confidence soars and she finds herself falling in love with him. But, when he asks for submission in the bedroom, can she surrender to prove her love or was it all about a little harmless pleasure?

This book was previously published, but has been substantially revised and expanded for Samhain Publishing.

Warning, this book contains: Lots of sex, of course; bondage and submission done in a tasteful but wonderfully arousing way, propositions from a drunken woman, hot phone sex, southern accents, Hawaiian scenery, and OH MY, a m/f/m ménage that will send tingles all the way to your toes, along with other various body parts. A glass of ice cold water for refreshment is recommended while reading.

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The Trouble With Kings PRINT The Trouble With Kings PRINT by Sherwood Smith
Genre: Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60504-025-7
Length: 328 Pages
Price: 16.00
Cover art by Anne Cain

Princess Flian finds herself the unwilling object of desire of three royals. Is the one she wants a villain–or a hero?

Waking up in a strange place, Flian Elandersi at first doesn’t know who she is. One wicked prince tells her she is secretly engaged to an even more wicked king who wants to marry her right away. But before that happens, yet another wicked prince crashes through a window on horseback to sweep her off her feet.

Memory returns, and Flian realizes that all any of them seem to want is her considerable wealth, not her pleasant-but-ordinary self. She longs to escape the barracks-like, military atmosphere and return to civilization and her musical studies.

Flian endures another abduction, this time in the middle of a poetry reading. Who is the villain? Prince Garian Herlester–languid, elegant, sarcastic? Prince Jaim–he of the dashing horsemanship? Or King Jason Szinzar, whose ambiguous warning might be a threat?

Flian decides it’s time to throw off civilization and take action. The problem with action is that duels of wit turn into duels of steel–and love can’t be grabbed and galloped away.

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Stripped Away PRINT Stripped Away PRINT by Sydney Somers
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60504-021-9
Length: 248 Pages
Price: 13.00
Cover art by Anne Cain

Quinn excels at slaying demons. But betrayal is the one demon she never saw coming.

Shadow Destroyers, Book Two

Nothing gives Quinn a rush like hunting and vanquishing the very demons that changed her life. But lately something is off. Way off. Nightmares she can’t explain, irrational fears surfacing at the most unexpected moments. And when her twin sister vanishes, Quinn’s world starts to come apart at the seams.

Since becoming an agent for the Shadow Destroyers, Braxton has excelled at playing by the rules. Until, in a moment of weakness, he let his common sense desert him for one night in Quinn’s arms. A night she doesn’t remember. For weeks he’s kept their relationship strictly professional, but seeing Quinn so edgy and lost puts his telepathic abilities–and his restraint–to the test.

As the search for her sister intensifies and everything Quinn thought she knew comes into question, Braxton seems to be the one true thing she can hold onto. Until she discovers he’s been keeping a very big secret of his own.

One that may destroy her trust just when she needs him the most.

Warning: Adult language and graphic, demon-slaying violence. Also contains toe-curling sexual tension, hot, explicit sex and characters under the influence of lust demons.

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A Persistent Attraction PRINT A Persistent Attraction PRINT by Silvia Violet
Genre: Historical Romance, Red Hots!
ISBN: 978-1-59998-988-4
Length: 240 Pages
Price: 13.00
Cover art by Vanessa Hawthorne

Their wicked desire sparks a game of passion that could claim their hearts. If a killer doesn’t first claim their lives. Sometimes desire cannot be denied.

Regency Intrigue, Book Two

At first, Amanda Halverston assumes the anonymous extortion letter she’s received is a harmless prank. But the following night she is attacked and nearly killed. Desperate for help in finding her attacker, she turns to the notorious rake she has avoided for the last five months, Rhys Stanton.

Rhys, a confirmed bachelor, hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Amanda ever since he met her while helping her sister uncover a plot to sell young women into prostitution. When the alluring Amanda seeks him out, he offers a bargain. He will help her–in exchange for one chance to seduce her each day.

Despite a wicked desire to explore the heat that crackles between them, Amanda refuses and launches her own search. But the attacker strikes again, and when Rhys is there to save her she decides to accept his shocking proposition.

In the midst of an investigation that could claim their lives, the two begin a dangerous game of passion that could claim their hearts.

Warning: This book contains lusty sex that would make Jane Austen faint, so beware of four-letter words.

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Secret Obsession PRINT Secret Obsession PRINT by Leigh Wyndfield
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Red Hots!
ISBN: 978-1-60504-020-2
Length: 248 Pages
Price: 13.00
Cover art by Dawn Seewer

She can run, but he won’t let her go without a fight…

Three years ago, Clemant Taylor left Blue Island to escape her secret obsession with Wade Tawes, the son of her clan’s greatest enemy. But when the head of her family becomes ill, she is forced to return to Blue–at the risk of succumbing once more to Wade’s irresistible sexual lure.

Promising herself she won’t be enticed again into having mind-blowing sex with him, she vows to focus only on stopping the escalating violence between their clans and the collapse of the island’s way of life.

Wade Tawes, now the head of a family that has long sworn to seek retribution against the Taylors, is stuck between loyalty to his clan and his love for Clemant. He doesn’t know how he’ll do it, but he plans to force his family to accept his choice, after he finds out who’s really behind the vandalism that is ripping the island apart. And after he convinces Clemant that she really does love him.

But the feud heats up, blood is spilled, and pressure for revenge mounts on both sides. Wade and Clemant must find a way to heal the rift between their clans–or their world will implode, leaving them both empty and alone.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and a bone-chilling mystery.

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New Anthologies in Print

Serving Love PRINT Anthology
Genre: Gay-Lesbian Romance, Red Hots!

ISBN: 978-1-59998-998-3
Length: 248 Pages
Price: 13.00
Cover art by Anne Cain
Court Appointed by Annmarie Mckenna – Jackson knows he needs protection from a stalker, but the last thing he wants is to want his bodyguard.

After receiving several suspicious “gifts”, His Honor Jackson Benedict is assigned an agent for protection. He’d be fine with a bodyguard…if he was anyone but the man who enters his courtroom looking hotter than any man has a right to look. Thank God Jackson’s robe hides his interest.

Trey London is more than happy that Jackson has practically been handed to him on a silver platter. If his job requires he stay close to one of the country’s youngest federal judges, it’s no skin off his back. The closer the better, actually.

But someone else is getting closer, too, and when the gifts turn into attacks, Trey is forced to trade his status of new lover for that of protector. He’s not about to let anyone come between him and his judge.

For Love and Country by Mary Winter – Love? Or duty? His choice will damn his country–or his heart.

Vampire Basile Gagnon wants nothing more than to put the United States, its war, and the heartbreak he found on its shores far behind him. He has suffered the loss of one too many mortal lovers, and refuses to risk his heart again, not even for Emil, the mortal he turned away five years ago.

When Union soldier Emil Franks steps aboard Basile’s ship, his mission is to try to convince Basile to lend his vessel to the Union cause. But with one look at his former lover, he reveals far more–his lingering love for Basile.

Neither time nor the fires of war have dimmed their passion for each other, but not even the fact that Emil is now a vampire can sway Basile from his course. In two days’ time, he leaves for his native France.

On this war-torn Valentine’s Day, Emil must choose: Love? Or country?

Hot Ticket by K. A. Mitchell – Love’s the last thing you expect to find in the trash.

Elliot Graham doesn’t make mistakes. So when he ends up serving community service at a recycling plant for inadvertently buying stolen property, he’s certain it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to him. That is, until he finds tickets to a sold-out concert in the trash, tickets that immediately disappear into the pocket of the hottest–and most exasperating–guy he’s ever met.

Cade McKuen has never been one to follow society’s expectations. That’s why he’s serving time sorting trash for destroying his cheating ex-lover’s car rather than apologize. Finding those tickets is an unexpected bonus to an otherwise smelly sentence. But when cute, sputtering Elliot claims a share, Cade decides community service might be the best thing that’s happened to him all year.

Cade is determined to keep Elliot off balance and tap into the passion he senses is hidden under that buttoned-down exterior. Elliot is fascinated by Cade’s outrageous way of thumbing his nose at the world.

Opposites attract, but can passion be the ticket to something lasting?

Warning: This title contains the following: explicit, hot nekkid man-love and graphic language.

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Strangers in the Night PRINT Anthology
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!

ISBN: 978-1-60504-002-8
Length: 256 Pages
Price: 13.50
Cover art by Scott Carpenter
Erotics Anonymous by Veronica Wilde – She joined a secret society of masks and sex games. What she found was a forbidden love.

As a writing student at an exclusive college, Chelsea Becker isn’t into the normal, boring dating scene. Nor is she interested in pledging a sorority. But when a botched class assignment results in a chance to do some “extra credit”, she discovers a secret society of famous erotica writers on campus. As an aspiring erotica writer, she’s willing to do anything to join.

Her initiation tests include the exploration of her most risqué fantasies–including wordless sex with a masked “muse” whose scorching touch betrays the passion they’re not supposed to feel.

Her initiation into Erotics Anonymous is supposedly just a game. But the lust her muse evokes is erupting into forbidden love… a love that will come at a very dangerous price.

Like a Thief in the Night by Bettie Sharpe – She’s a heartless assassin; he’s an immortal thief. In another life, they would have been lovers. In this one, he’s her target and she’s his prize.

Death comes like a thief in the night. For reclusive thief Sevastien Aniketos, death comes in the form of slinky assassin Arden Black. But Aniketos has a surprise for his would-be assassin–he is immortal. And he is about to turn the tables on the pragmatic femme fatale.

Arden finds more than she bargained for when she sneaks through the window of Aniketos’s glass penthouse to take his life. The immortal thief is no victim; he’s a clever strategist who has set his sights on capturing the lethal lady and making her his own.

Trapped with a man she cannot kill, Arden slowly succumbs to Aniketos’s scheme of seduction, ceding her secrets, her loyalty, and eventually her heart. But when Arden’s wicked past catches up with her, Aniketos is faced with a choice.

An endless life without Arden, or a paltry mortal lifespan with the woman he is increasingly sure he cannot live without.

The Valentine Effect by Bonnie Dee – A man whose passionate heart has been torn apart. A woman who’s never risked hers. Can love bring them a new beginning?

Carrie Morrison is resigned to spending another Valentine’s Day alone, but Cupid brings her a surprise–packaged in the hot body of the father of one of her third grade students. When Enrique Torres stops by her classroom to discuss his son, sizzling chemistry erupts between them.

Ric is a widower, father, garage mechanic, and the hottest Latin lover a woman could wish for to fulfill her Valentine fantasies. One hot night with Carrie in his bed leaves him wanting more, but she’s not sure if she’s brave enough for a relationship beyond a one night stand.

But Ric isn’t about to let Carrie go that easily. She has healed his broken heart, and he’s ready for forever.

Warning: This title contains the following: explicit scenes, anonymous sex, group encounters and graphic language.

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