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Publication Date: February 12, 2008
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One Love for Liv by Marianne Arkins
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

ISBN: 1-59998-325-7
Length: Category
Price: 4.50 Get it Now for 4.05
Cover art by Dawn Seewer

Liv is out to prove her high society fiancé is cheating on her. Can she do it without breaking a nail–or falling in love with Mike the mechanic?

Olivia “Liv” Leigh, wealthy socialite and spa owner, suspects her fiancé of cheating on her. Drastic steps are required to discover whether appearances are deceiving. And if those steps require a bit of stalking, a change of appearance, a hippo-sized dog named Spike, and sacrificing her manicure to clean house for a sexy-but-sloppy man whose neighbor is determined to break several of the strangest Guinness world records, why should that be a problem?

Mike, a happily single auto mechanic, is more than content sharing his bachelor pad with piles of laundry, dirty dishes, and a sneaky ferret. But when a half-crazed woman in a bad wig shows up on his doorstep, what’s a nice guy to do?

Why, invite her in, unknowingly help her in her search for the truth and, in the process, fall head over heels for a woman who’s never been less his type.

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Lights, Camera…Monsters by Lila Dubois
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Red Hots!

ISBN: 1-59998-303-6
Length: Category
Price: 4.50 Get it Now for 4.05
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

When monsters need a makeover, they head for the one place that can make it happen. Hollywood.

Book 1, Monsters in Hollywood series.

Luke is desperate to save his people. A lifetime of sneaking in to human houses and watching movies has convinced him that if he can make a great movie about monsters, humanity will change its opinion of them. With his friends at his side, all in shiny new human bodies, Luke heads for Tinsel Town.

A rising Hollywood producer, all-business Lena knows a good story when she sees it. Luke? He’s just another amateur who wants to get famous. But Luke’s too gorgeous to pass up. And there’s something vulnerable about him that leads her to throw caution to the wind and invite him to dinner.

One night of incredible sex later, Lena wakes up next to the surprise of her life. She’s sleeping next to a monster. Literally.

Appearances aside, she finds herself wanting to help Luke save his people. But they’ve got more to worry about than just human prejudice.

Some of the monsters would rather stay in the closet–and to make them all stay there, they’re willing to kill.

Warning, this title contains the following: multiple orgasms, spanking, misuse of kitchen utensils and sex with monsters.

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Captured by Anna J. Evans
Genre: Historical Romance, Red Hots!

ISBN: 1-59998-226-9
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50 Get it Now for 3.15
Cover art by Anne Cain

The camera took one last photo, one last still frame of a woman in the throes of abandon. And then it was silent, all its frames exposed, all of her secrets contained within one deceptively small, simple black box.

The year is 1897, and twenty-three-year-old Lillian Thomas possesses one of the first Kodak cameras. Despite Boston society’s belief that women should be seen and not heard–and certainly never photographed in the nude–she is determined to proceed with a series of erotic self-portraits. Portraits that she hopes lure the object of her darkest fantasies to her bed, and scandal to her name.

Alexander Darian can scarcely believe the girl he once knew has become a woman capable of such abandon. He knows the instant he lays eyes on the photographs of Lillian that he must have her, in every wicked way he imagines. No matter that her father has done his best to ruin Alexander, or that memories of their childhood romance have haunted him for longer than he cares to admit.

But passion isn’t as easily manipulated as either lover assumes, and soon they begin to wonder–who is casting the net of seduction and who will find themselves captured?

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, outdoor sex, semi-public sex, and other assorted naughtiness.

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The Trouble with Kings by Sherwood Smith
Genre: Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-448-2
Length: Plus Novel
Price: 6.50 Get it Now for 5.85
Cover art by Anne Cain

Princess Flian finds herself the unwilling object of desire of three royals. Is the one she wants a villain–or a hero?

Waking up in a strange place, Flian Elandersi at first doesn’t know who she is. One wicked prince tells her she is secretly engaged to an even more wicked king who wants to marry her right away. But before that happens, yet another wicked prince crashes through a window on horseback to sweep her off her feet.

Memory returns, and Flian realizes that all any of them seem to want is her considerable wealth, not her pleasant-but-ordinary self. She longs to escape the barracks-like, military atmosphere and return to civilization and her musical studies.

Flian endures another abduction, this time in the middle of a poetry reading. Who is the villain? Prince Garian Herlester–languid, elegant, sarcastic? Prince Jaim–he of the dashing horsemanship? Or King Jason Szinzar, whose ambiguous warning might be a threat?

Flian decides it’s time to throw off civilization and take action. The problem with action is that duels of wit turn into duels of steel–and love can’t be grabbed and galloped away.

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A Persistent Attraction by Silvia Violet
Genre: Historical Romance, Red Hots!

ISBN: 1-59998-194-7
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50 Get it Now for 4.95
Cover art by Vanessa Hawthorne

Their wicked desire sparks a game of passion that could claim their hearts. If a killer doesn’t first claim their lives.

Sometimes desire cannot be denied.

Regency Intrigue, Book Two

At first, Amanda Halverston assumes the anonymous extortion letter she’s received is a harmless prank. But the following night she is attacked and nearly killed. Desperate for help in finding her attacker, she turns to the notorious rake she has avoided for the last five months, Rhys Stanton.

Rhys, a confirmed bachelor, hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Amanda ever since he met her while helping her sister uncover a plot to sell young women into prostitution. When the alluring Amanda seeks him out, he offers a bargain. He will help her–in exchange for one chance to seduce her each day.

Despite a wicked desire to explore the heat that crackles between them, Amanda refuses and launches her own search. But the attacker strikes again, and when Rhys is there to save her she decides to accept his shocking proposition.

In the midst of an investigation that could claim their lives, the two begin a dangerous game of passion that could claim their hearts.

Warning: This book contains lusty sex that would make Jane Austen faint, so beware of four-letter words.

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