Topic: Lori Foster Get Together #2

4th Annual Lori Foster Reader-Author Get Together, Part Two

Day Two: Saturday, 07 June

Breakfast of bagels. They were good too. I wish I had gotten up for seconds before they were taken away.

I managed to corner Shiloh Walker and Anya Bast so they could sign the very large stack of books I’d brought with me from my collection. Stephanie “Flash” Burke thought the amount of books I’d brought for them to sign was funny but they didn’t mind. I had a few for Lauren Dane, but never saw her.

After breakfast was the book trade. If you brought books then you could take books. Flash had brought 59 books to trade. She knew she couldn’t go home with 59 since Dennis, her husband, had been overjoyed she’d taken the 59. He’d wanted her to take more. 🙂 So, she divided her tickets amongst whoever wanted them, me included.

I got 11 books. There were so good titles there and though I may never get time to read them, I have them in case I do get time.

Lunch consisted of sandwich makings and soup. There was a raffle going on for the many baskets people brought, but I wasn’t paying attention. Good thing I hadn’t put in for any of them. 🙂

That night was the book signing hosted by Barnes & Noble. The book store had been open most of the day, so people who bought my book had already tracked me down during lunch. I still set up for the book signing and just signed promo.

The book fair was the last major event of the convention, which essentially meant it was over. There were still little functions planned for later that night and the next morning though. In preparation for the pool party that night, Flash and I went back out again in search of a swimsuit for her.

This time we went asked for a nearby Target. We got the directions and didn’t get there. We did find it, but we got sidetracked by a Noodles and Company (very good food) and a TJ Maxx. They had a bikini Flash didn’t mind getting. There were tons of other stores, including a Verizon Wireless store so I got a charger. I found out my phone is being discontinued (or has been) and that’s why I couldn’t find a universal charger for it. The one the rep found me was like 75% off. Believe me, I didn’t care.

Now I have two car chargers, but I’m going to stash one in my conventions bag so I’ll never leave without it again. If and when I get a new phone, I’ll make sure to get an extra charger cord to stash in my convention bag.

Well, the time of the pool party rolled around and there was no one there. Instead, there were a bunch of screaming kids, jumping and splashing. I forgot to mention, but we were sharing the hotel with a little league tournament. It started out okay but once the tournament was over, the kids had nothing better to do than mill around the hotel being annoying. They were being really rude too so Flash requested security, who spent most of the night chasing the kids from floor to floor.

Flash and I went to the bar to hang out. I met Jackie and Jackie — Jacquelyne Frank (who was very surprised I didn’t know her) and J.M. Jeffries (the owner of Parker Publishing, who I very much plan to submit to in the near future). We stayed up very, very late talking and carrying on.

Day Three: Sunday, 08 June

Got up, checked out, visited with some people milling around the lobby, packed up the car, and headed to IHOP for breakfast.

It took Camille a little longer to get to IHOP but we ordered for her. Our poor waiter. He had to serve a table of 11 women and it was only his second week. I guess after us, everything else should be a breeze. He was such a good sport, that we took a picture with him. Hopefully, I’ll be getting a copy of that soon.

After breakfast, it was time to get gas and hit the road.

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