I am typing this while lying in bed as I am sick. Symptoms include headache (not a migraine this time woohoo), tickle in the back of my throat that makes me cough if I don’t keep my breathing even (did I mention I hate coughing?), chest ache that has now migrated to my back (possibly because I was up and about. tell you about that a little later), and a temperature that is higher than it should be. I have no idea what that temperature is since I don’t own a thermometer. I don’t get sick that often.

I think this might be a fever instead of a cold since I don’t have any congestion. No sniffling, runny nose, sneezing or any of that. Just pain and really hot.

I have been laid up since 5pm yesterday (08 January). I got up around midnight to use the potty and then had to go downstairs to turn off lights since the hubby didn’t feel the need to do so before going to bed. I figured, since I was already up and about, I might as well go down to the basement and get the Aleve. Ah wonderful Aleve.

Thus starts Sunday. Here I am, bemoaning my sorry state in bed when the hubby comes in around 9:40ish am (don’t have a clock handy in the bedroom) and says we’ll be rolling out to meet friends for brunch in half an hour. I tell him to have fun to which he reminds me that I said I would go. That’s when I tell him that I’ve been in bed since 5pm the day before, what makes him think I’m going anywhere. He copped an attitude and left.

As it turns out, I did end up leaving the house. I was in dire need of vitamin C in some shape or form, so I had to go to the Dollar Tree about a mile up the road to get it. So, I gear up — tie a scarf around my head to hide my stocking cap since I don’t feel like taking it off, put ankle warmers over my socks, my jeans go on over my sweat pants (yes, they are that loose), I have my night shirt on with a sweat shirt over that and then put on my hoody and then my trenchcoat on top of that. I’m ready for you, Mother Nature.

A little too ready, as it turns out, since I was dripping sweat by the time I returned home. But I have my grapefruit juice and cranberry juice, so I am happy. After a quick change of clothes and some food (chicken noodle soup courtesy of Progresso), I am back in bed. I just wanted to write this real quick before I take another dose of Aleve and get some sleep.

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