Update: Sort of

Lord help me. I have to format my computer. I knew I named this thing Pita for a reason. 😛

I knew this day was coming. It’s here and there’s no help for it. The computer has been acting very strange lately. Not a virus according to Norton but still peculiar. I can’t watch stuff (DVDs, streaming video, et al) without it sounding like it’s coming through an earthquake to get to me. Rather than “cure the symptoms”, I’ll just opt for the surgery and go straight to the source.

This is a full day endeavor since I got this laptop three or four years ago. That means hours and hours of downloading and installing update after update after update after… The prospect of it almost makes me want to just buy a new one and be done. But then, there’s that whole lack of money-thing to contend with. Thus, I sacrifice a day to formatting and installing.

The good news is that getting my personal effects off this machine won’t take long. All my important stuff (WIPs and such) are on my mini. So it’s just a matter of grabbing the handful of files on this computer (3 folders at half an hour, tops) and then dumping the whole thing.

In writing news, I am writing. I know I haven’t updated my WIP Meters in a while but I am writing. This is very good news since I was a little blocked for a while there. Not full on writer’s block, just too busy with real life to get a moment to actually type something worth while. Real life is calming down somewhat (day job isn’t as much of a pita either) so the writing is coming back.

Other than that, it’s same old same old.

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