Updated and Improved Site

This is my first post on my new blog and I’m using it to announce that I’ve updated and improved my website. http://dreneebagby.com

I was originally going to wait for the pictures I had commissioned to be finished and then do the update all at once. But, I needed to get my contests posted (since the deadline is fast approaching). When the pictures arrive, I will get the site all beautified.

As I said, I added contests and links to my other sites on Bebo and MySpace. I’m still in the process of adding information. I just wanted all the big changes to be over and done with so I could let everyone know.

After spending 24 non-consecutive hours fiddling with my site, I now remember why I stopped coding in the first place. I also realize why people get big bucks to do this type of stuff for a living. The only thing more tedious than coding a site (even with the help of a website building program) is formatting and reprogramming a computer–all those downloads and installs and updates and…the pain.

I’m exceedingly happy for my paint program that allowed me to make all those lovely buttons and other little extras on the site (again tedious but worth it). Otherwise, I would have had to find some program online, making the entire process that much longer.

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