V-Day Contest!!

Come One, Come All to Zenobia Renquist’s first CONTEST!

– A Valentine’s Day gift basket full of goodies and promo

How to Enter:
– Join my newsletter (find the form on my site): http://dreneebagby.com
– Join The Multiverse Yahoo Group
– Email me your snail mail addy for future promo mailings to zenobiarenquist @ gmail . com (no spaces) Note – if you joined the newsletter and filled out the form completely, then you don’t need to do this.
– Starting 21st Jan and ending 8am EST 11th Feb, receive ONE entry for each DAY you post something funny to the loop.

– Winners will be notified and prizes snail mailed on Feb 11th. eBook will be emailed Feb 14th.

– Winners MUST provide their snail mail addy if they haven’t already.

– People who are already members of the Yahoo group, newsletter, and/or snail mailing list PRIOR to 14 Jan will receive TWO entries for each list where their name appears.

– Anyone joining any of the above mentioned lists AFTER Jan 14th will only receive ONE entry for each.

– Entry validation is based on the internet time stamp. Any entries dated AFTER 8am EST Feb 11 will NOT be counted.

– These rules are subject to change or modification should the need arise. It’s up to you to keep track as changes won’t be announced.

((These rules will be posted on the loop site for future reference once the contest starts.))

– You DO NOT have to post to be entered into the contest though it does up your chances just like any other lottery.

– Starting 21 Jan post something funny to the loop (anything BEFORE 21 Jan won’t be counted). For every DAY you post you will receive ONE entry. NOT EVERY POST IS AN ENTRY! If you post 15 times in ONE day that is still only ONE entry.

– Posts are judged by TIME STAMP not what you put in the subject line. Don’t send a post at 11:50pm Tuesday saying it’s for Wednesday because it will still be counted as Tuesday.

– You can post a joke, a comic, a pic, a link, a vid, a funny news article, whatever so long as it is funny (ie – someone has to laugh, though I’d prefer it be me).
* If you post a picture and it doesn’t show up, it doesn’t count. I, at least, need to be able to see it.
* No race, religion, or political jokes. I don’t feel like heading off a flame war.

– If your joke is a little racy (or a lotta racy) please put a warning in the subject line. I’ll read just about anything but someone else might get offended.

– DON’T COPY EACH OTHER!! Especially don’t copy something I’ve sent to the loop in the past (search the archive if you’re unsure, they’re all called “Morning Funny”). No one likes a cheat. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt the first time. If it happens more than once, you’ll be disqualified from the ENTIRE contest.

– If two or more similar posts show up, the person who posted it FIRST gets the entry. All others must find another funny to post.

– People not following the posting rules will have their entries ignored. If it happens too many times, they will be disqualified from the contest.

Hope to see you there and good luck!!!

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