Well That’s That

And I am officially finished. My last day at Wally World went by pretty much like all the days before. Nothing special happened… well except that I got there ten minutes early. Something I haven’t done in over a year (ie – since I moved to my house).

I didn’t want anything special. That’s why I didn’t make a huge announcement letting people know I was leaving. I told people as it came up in conversation and only at the last minute so they couldn’t do anything going-away-ish for me. I’ve never taken part in the get well cards or the other stuff, so I didn’t want to receive anything like that. Plus it would feel a little awkward since there were only a few (very, very few) people who I truly interacted with.

I said my goodbyes and only now realize that I missed two people I really wanted to say goodbye to. It was an interesting run filled with experiences that will show up in novels to come. I am glad it’s over. I won’t miss the over-ordering of merchandise that is already full on the shelves, the drama over minor things (like *GASP* being expected to do your job), or the sense of soul-sucking gloom that has settled over that place in the last year.

The fact that it’s over won’t sink in until some time in December. This coming weekend I’ll be at PhilCon so my body will feel like I just took vacation. The following weekend is Thanksgiving, so again vacation. So, the first weekend in December will truly drive home the fact that I am jobless. 😛

I cannot say unemployed since I am very employed with my writing. Though the IRS won’t see it that way until I turn a profit. Here’s hoping 2011 will be the year for that.

In later news, I’ve started collecting Hot Wheels. Let me define my version of collecting. I am not hunting down every number in a released sequence so I can display them and crow that I got them all. This isn’t Pokemon (and even if it was, they are making it impossible to get them all).

I like certain cars. I had a thing for sports cars when I was middle school aged (Lamborghini was my fav). It seems that thing didn’t fade away, like I thought it had. I was stocking the toy section my last few weeks at Wally World and that’s when the Hot Wheels caught my eye with a shiny green Lamborghini. I thought, “Pretty.” and then moved on. Then I saw another car and another and another and I’ll only buy these few. But if I buy the 2010 model, I should also get the 1977 model just to show the progression. Oh and it’s in two different colors.

I now have over 50. It doesn’t help that they are priced down to $0.77 from $0.97. It just means I don’t feel guilty buying as many as I have. So far as my many collections go, this is the least expensive to obtain.

Since this is the Xmas season, Hot Wheels is releasing more and different cars almost every week. Looks like I’ll be in Wally World anyway just to see the new cars. I have to get there before the hardcore (have to get every number and all of its variants in triplicate so I can keep a set and sell the others on ebay) collectors. *grumble grumble*

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