Writing Update: 03 August 2012

I’m changing the current blogging schedule — dropping the photo Sundays (given the current climate about that even though I was getting them for a legit site) and shuffling stuff around. Fridays are now my accountability days. I shall give writing updates. 😀

It seems I haven’t written a Writing Update since May. That was very bad of me. This one will be a catch up post to bring everyone up to date. After that, Friday’s posts should be fairly short… unless something really amazing happens in the span of one week.

So, on with the update…

– FINISHED (16 July): 6200 word Erotic Fiction short story intended for Razor’s Edge Press that is based on a drinking game. This one came to me thanks to the hubby’s visiting friends. They were playing a drink game that involved the alphabet. Tiffanie said, “I need an F.” and my mind went to dirty places that I wrote down.

– FINISHED (23 July): 7800 word Erotic Urban Fantasy Christmas Romance short story for Changeling Press. DECORATING SPIRIT is the sequel to STRIPPING CHRISTMAS. Turns out Santa has a brother who is in need of an attitude change before Christmas rolls around. This one went longer than I wanted, but I’m assured that’s not a big problem.

– FINISHED (01 August): 22,500 word Erotic Paranormal Romance novella and it’s 25,000 word sequel (yup, two at once). Both novellas intended for the Changeling Press WET multi-author series. I got inspired by the idea of a water spirit and a living good luck charm. It was supposed to be one story but evolved into two. The sequel is a menage. I have to tweak a few things and do a final read through, but those are done.

– Currently working on a spin off for the Caveat Emptor series. Yes, yes. It just ended. This is a completely unrelated NEW menage (MFM) couple. They are mentioned in the epilogue of ETERNAL LOVERS. That mention turned into a story whose characters wouldn’t stop bugging me. The story is currently at 9400 words. I think it might end up scrapping 15,000, but I won’t be sure until I finish. And I’ll probably be finishing it some time next week. You’ll find out when I do next Friday’s update.

I went semi-internet dark in July so I could work on clearing my obligations for Changeling Press for the rest of the year. I didn’t write all the stories I wanted, but I’m happy with what I did write. My queue for them is no where near finished, but at least this will put me a little ahead so I can focus on other stuff until the start of 2013.

My goal is to put my full focus (with only minor interruptions for edits from Changeling) on the sequel to SERENITY. I’m hoping, really HOPING, to have that finished (especially with my current writing schedule and speed) some time in September. Let’s pray my muse will cooperate. The current word count for the sequel is 35,300 words.

I’ll discuss what I plan to do after I finish the sequel in later updates. That’s it from me. See you next Friday.

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