Writing Update: 12 Sep 2015 #amplanning

DRB Coming Soon Image - 300x450
[Insert Giddy Laughing Here] I’m free. I just finished my ghostwriting story and sent it to my client. That means I can now focus on my own stuff and the thing I’m going to focus on first is the Eternal Truths Series (Time, Death, Creation, and Chaos). You’ll remember that Time is Eris, which I recently got back.

I’ll be tweaking Eris and working on the other titles for however long that takes. I just re-read my notes for the Chaos (aka Errita) book and got all excited. That is going to be the most fun to write because it crosses all the worlds of the multiverse, finally introducing them all like I should have done years ago.

Important Note: I think some people are a little confused about the Eternal Truths Series and think Kaylie, Eris’s sister, will be the next book. She’s not part of the series. She will get a book eventually but that book isn’t part of the Eternal Truths Series. Declan, Eris’s brother, also has a book coming but again that book isn’t part of the Eternal Truths Series. Yes, I know. I make things confusing. Sorry. 😛

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