Writing Update: 14 September

PLOTTING (07 September): Thanks to a Flash Fiction in the Changeling Press Yahoo group (yes, yes another one), I’ve come up with an entire novella (probably be close to 25K). I was only supposed to come up with 100-150 words, but it evolved. They always evolve. This one evolved into a Changeling novella instead of a Razor short. Lord knows what’ll happen to me next week. I might have to get this one out of the way over the weekend (or at least start it) so I don’t derail my novel plans for the week.

WRITING (10 September): A little over 2000 on the SERENITY sequel. Kind of a rocky start to my binge writing. You can tell when I’m struggling with my writing because I nub all my fingernails. Nervous habit. I don’t bite my nails usually. It’s only when I’m trying to figure out what to write. But once I nub them, I stop. And you would think cutting them down ahead of time would help, but it doesn’t. They have to be down to the quick or else I just start nibbling until they are. And yes, for those wondering, my fingers are sore. Still typing, but sore.

EDITS (10 September): I finished the edits for AFTER PARTY due out in October. It was fun going back and reading that one again. I haven’t looked at that story since I wrote it. But that helps me in the editing process because I can look at it with “new eyes” and catch some of my own mistakes.

WRITING (11 September): 4100 words on SERENITY sequel today. That’s better. Not as much as I would have liked (was aiming for over 5K) but still better than yesterday. I’ve finished Chp6 and started Chp7. Now don’t get too happy since I still have to finish Chp3 and do the intro on Chp4. Yes, I’m jumping around, but if that gets the book written, then a jumping bean I shall be.

I’m having to rewrite huge chunks of the story that was already there (written years ago) since I’ve done some tweaking to the plot, plus my writing style has changed. But it’s all good. I’m enjoying it and the story is coming along. I think I’ll work on finishing Chp3 and Chp4 tomorrow, but we’ll see what the muse says.

WRITING (12 September): 4517 words on SERENITY sequel today. I thought I hit 5000, but I missed it by that much. I still feel like writing though. I’ll see if the mood is still with me after doing some promo stuffs (release party for the new release coming out in a few hours) and doing my three-mile walk while playing Uno. I have discovered a love of Uno with the jump-in rules. Makes it more interesting. 7-0 Uno is just evil. But I digress. SERENITY sequel is coming along great. Chp7 is finished, though Chp3 and Chp4 are still incomplete. I think I might work on both of those tomorrow… maybe. I go where the muse takes me.

WRITING (13 September): So I didn’t work on Chp3 or Chp4 today, but I did put down 5437 words. Woot! Broke that 5K barrier… though I didn’t do it all in one run. I put down 1063 words before going to bed last night. Inspiration just hit me and I had to write it down. What I thought would be one paragraph turned into 1063 words. Then after I woke up, I wrote the rest. Chp8 is almost finished and I started Chp9. Yes, I’m still jumping around. But so long as the story gets finished, who cares how I write it. 😛

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