Writng Update: 09 November

– FINISHED (04 November AM): I worked most of the day Saturday (03 Nov) and into today (04 Nov) to finish off my bounty hunter story. 44,915 words total (5825 words in this last push) for the finished manuscript. I still need to go through and re-read the last half to make sure I like the way it looks, but it’ll be off to my editor soon.

– SUBMITTED (04 November PM): I got laid up with a migraine that delayed my plans for three hours while I caught a nap. Good news is that my bounty hunter story is now tweaked (I added 659 words for a final-final word count of 45,574 words) and submitted. I’ll be jumping back into the Serenity sequel starting Monday.

I have to re-read everything I wrote to get back into the mood of the story, but that’s okay. I enjoy doing that. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this story off with a minimum of delays and fuss (I think I’m about three chapters from the end), because I have a December deadline with Changeling Press for a different story. I’m devoting two solid weeks to the Serenity sequel and then I’ll have to stop again (if I’m not finished) so I can do the Changeling story.

After those two, I have a Sci-Fi cat people story that’s begging for attention. I’ll probably bounce between that and Contractually Bound Love until I finish both with Changeling/Razor’s Edge stories tossed in between.

– REACQUAINTING (05 November): I went through and re-read all I had written for the Serenity sequel. I also did some tweaks and wrote 508 words. Not an impressive amount but today was about getting back into the vibe of this story so I can start the real writing tomorrow. My plan is to push to the end before I go back and fill in my gaps, which I have a few.

– WRITING (06 November): 1964 words on Serenity sequel today. The book is fighting with me. I’m not sure what the problem is. I would hate to think I might have to go back and redo something, but that might be where I’m headed if this book doesn’t start talking to me soon.

– FINISHED (07 November): 4545 words on a Razor’s Edge short. Book 6 of the eight-book series is finished. I was naughty. I ran away from the Serenity sequel to do something easy. I’ve gotten my little rebellion out of my system so I’ll hop back on the real work tomorrow… I think.

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