Y is for Yippee… or Yikes

A to Z Challenge: Y

Y is for Yippee… or Yikes. It’s almost time for me to head out to the mainland. Wednesday is getting closer and closer by the second. The closer I get, the more stuff I remember I should do before I leave the comfort of my stable internet connection.

Most other things are fine, but the internet connection is my biggest concern. My livelihood and the majority of my obligations require internet access. I plan to get on-the-go access, but I haven’t yet. As well, I have no clue what’s going to happen in May. I can’t make concrete plans because I’m at the mercy of family. I just have to hope I have time to check my email.

I also hope I can get some writing done while I’m out and about. Maybe some reading too. May will be a month of maybe’s and hope so’s until stuff does or does not happen.

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