Around My Office: Ninja Battles

Some of us remember the unfortunate ninja phase of the G.I. Joe universe. They even make fun of it in the comics and the show from time to time. Well, say hello to a remnant…

(Picture taken with my Kodak camera. Sorry for the glare.)

The only reason I have this is because I love Snake Eyes. He’s the only reason I pay any attention to G.I. Joe at all. But then I’m like that with certain things. I won’t read a Marvel title unless Storm is in it. I won’t watch/read G.I. Joe unless Snake Eyes is in it.

So, when I saw this Ninja Battles box set (opened once but I sealed it again), I decided to get it. The price was fair and I knew I was getting it for decorative purposes. It probably should have gone in storage when I moved out to Hawaii, but it made the trip so it’s sitting on one of my bookshelves now.

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