Around My Office: Thai Dancer

Note: Picture taken (3 times) with my Kodak camera.

This is my Thai dancing doll that I got from the lovely PJ Schynder after Stephanie Burke and I had a sleepover at her place on the way to PhilCon in 2010. Just a note, that is ONE doll from three different angles. I wanted to give the full effect and you can’t get that from just one view.

I had a great, GREAT time at PJ’s house. I got to meet her beautiful dogs — Chelsea (Sheltie) and Kaiser (German Shepherd) as well as eating lots of her yummy cooking. Kaiser is actually starring in a shifter book I have planned for Changeling Press. He made an appearance in ON A WHIM, but he will be getting his own book in the Guardian’s Tales too.

But back to the above statue. PJ has several statues of Thai dancers in traditional outfits. She got permission from her mommy to give one to me and one to Flash, so PJ let us choose. I chose the lady in red.

I love the way she’s standing. It’s very poised and meditative. I can stare at this statue for a while and just feel peaceful and focused. It also gives me a feeling of discipline. It takes a lot of training to pull off that pose correctly. It reminds me it’s simplest-looking things that take the most work.

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