Writing Update: 21 September

– WRITING (14 September): 3585 words today on SERENITY sequel. That’s more than I thought I would get finished since I’m a bit distracted with mid-month stuff. I got a giant chunk of Chp9 finished. Fun-ness (not the kind you’re thinking… pervert :P) just happened. My poor characters. I treat them so bad. Anywho, tomorrow is a non-writing day. My binge writing (if you could call it that) week is over. Hubby comes home today and tomorrow is Resident Evil.

– LONG HAND WRITING (15 September): Today was supposed to be a non-writing day thanks to movie time with the hubby. My muse got me right as I laid down to sleep. I mean literally. Here I am all snuggled under the covers ready to get a few hours and the muse is like, “Here’s a scene that would be PERFECT. Get up and go write it down.” Of course I don’t want to forget it, so I get up and go to my office to write it down (don’t want to wake the hubby). I finish the scene and then go back to bed.

The second I get comfortable my muse did it to me AGAIN. Up I go again to write down another scene. And then that scene led to another, but I was still sitting there so I kept writing. Keep in mind this is all long hand and I’m ready to go to bed (in my nightshirt and everything). I dread to think what would have happened if I had been on my computer. I probably would have been up all night and into the morning writing and then had to postpone the movie so I could sleep, which the hubby wouldn’t have liked. Sure I would have more of the book written (I know you all would like that) but upset hubby makes real life difficult, thus making writing difficult.

The scenes are written (in long hand) and I made some notes too. When I next sit down to write, I will have lots to get down and should up my word count by a considerable amount. So long as my muse keeps being nice to me (or mean, however you want to look at it), this book should be finished before the month is out. 😀

– WRITING (18 September): I had a bunch of non-writing days but I made up for it today. I put down 4331 words on the SERENITY sequel. I would have done more but the body wants food. I have to adjust my writing schedule to accommodate the hubby being home earlier than his usual for the next six weeks. He changed shifts so he’s on half days. So long as he’s fairly quiet, I should be okay… here’s hoping.

– WRITING (19 September): 3135 words on SERENITY sequel today. I also cut a large scene that no longer fits the direction of the story. No huge loss. I might be able to work it into some later Gezane Universe stories, just not this one. Chapter 10 is finish and I’ve started Chapter 11.

– WRITING & PLOTTING (20 September): Only did 300 words today. I partially blame the hubby since he required more attention than usual and I partially blame the weather. It doesn’t rain that often in Hawaii, so it’s kind of dismal outside. I did get some plotting done though, which is rare for me. By my calculations, I have three chapters plus the epilogue before I finish the SERENITY sequel. Oh and I have to go back and finish Chp3, Chp4, and Chp9… but that shouldn’t take that long.

At my current writing speed and with the hubby on half days (insert distractions here), I don’t think I’ll finish before September is over. But that’s okay. I should be finished by mid-October at the latest (fingers crossed), which still gives me enough time to start and finish the novella I promised my EC editor I would give her in October.

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