Coding Has Hijacked Me

So suddenly I feel the need to redo the look of my book page. I will eventually be redoing the whole site, but the book page is my immediate concern.

Thankfully, this looks like a quick code-hijacking as opposed to my usual where I spend all day fighting with HTML and CSS in order to do something that seemed extremely simple when I first started. To be fair, all of this probably would be simple if I actually knew how to write CSS, PHP, and javascript instead of only looking up what I need at the time. 😛


  1. @India – I stopped telling myself I wouldn't do it again after I did it the third time. 😛

    It's inevitable.

    The site I thought was fantastic when I created it becomes annoying as hell after a year and some change.

    Plus, the internet aesthetic changes as well. We have to keep up and keep things fresh. The “blog” look is in right now. Who knows how long that'll last. 😛

    ~ Renee

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