Contest: Lazy Woman’s Contest

Shhhh… I’m sneaking this in to see who’s paying attention.


Leave a comment to THIS post and tell me what you’re doing for Halloween. I’ll be working the night shift, how about you?

I’ll do a lottery of those who comment. The winner gets an autographed copy of Adrienne (print).

You’ve got until October 30th because the winner is announced on the 31st.

Sidenote: Because of the nature of this contest, the winner has to contact me with their mailing address or else they can’t claim their prize. Makes sense, right?


  1. Halloween I will be recovering from the embarrassment of the 30th. Where I work they have the employees dress up so that everyone who comes to that sale day can “enjoy” the fun we are having. Last year our department had to dress up as superheroes. 😛


  2. I’ll be working that day. I work for the feds so there will be no costume wearing. Though some employees do dress up. I might give out candy to the rugrats but then again do they really need more sweets? We used to go to the city (San Francisco) and go to Castro Street because you would see the most outrageous costumes but I think the city cancelled it this year due to violence on the previous Halloween nites.

  3. I will be either reading or watching tv that evening. I stopped giving candy to the little buggers because they wanted to get picky about what kind of candy they got. There were not trick so not treats from me and I use to go all out decorating the house along with hubby scaring the kids half to death! LOL

  4. Hi D.!
    I was paying attention a day late!
    I’ll be heading out on vacation on Halloween- going on a cruise to Portugal, Spain and Africa!
    Sorry you have to work! Hope it isn’t spooky for you!

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