Dragon*Con: Day Two

Much better.

The parade down Peachtree was amazing. There were floats and vehicles and spectacles and it was GREAT. The funniest part — I thought — was when the Battlestar Galatica group/section walked past and pulled a guy dressed as Commander Adama from the crowd. That was especially funny since no in the group had thought to cosplay him.

The parade started with two guys dressed in full dragon armor. I know they were hot but they looked damn good. The parade ended with the Star Wars crowd. They are the biggest and so must bring up the rear. I did notice something though. There were lots of Starfleet officers and enlisted as well as lots of Klingons. BUT, no one else was represented. There were no borg or Romulans. There were a few Star Fleet Vulcans but that’s it. No Jem’Hadar or anything like that. I would think Borg cosplay would be the biggest after Klingons and yet none were there. I found that a little odd.

The highlight of the parade was the He-Man/She-Ra group. Yup, my favorite childhood cartoon came to life — He-man, She-ra, Sorceress, Teela, Orko, Castaspella, and Cowl were all in attendance. The woman who did Sorceress did a stellar job on her costume. I got pictures of the group after the parade was over and they were standing still. Very nice group.

After the parade, it was off to a Broad Universe quickfire reading where I found Jean Marie Ward and Diane Whiteside (among other authors). That was fun. Jean Marie did a great job with her reading. The other authors did as well, but hers was one of my favs and not just because she’s a friend. Diane’s book sounded intriguing and not just because it has dragons — though that did help. 😛 Watching them gave me insight into the art of doing readings. I took mental notes for the future.

I spent the rest of day wandering. I collected business cards from places I plan to visit online. I am bound and determined to keep my spending to a minimum. It’s working too.

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