Dragon*Con: Making the Trip

The drive to GA was fairly smooth. Only a mild case of construction that wasn’t that bad considering there was very little traffic. A lot of cops but none of them cared about me. Bonus.

Alas, Fate is laughing her ass off at me in a HUGE way. I knew it was going too well. Drive was smooth. Traffic was almost nil. Aside from my sinus migraine that made the trip with me (always fun… NOT), the trip could be classified as nice.

I packed my fun shirts with interesting sayings, my rolling bag of promo fun, and my toiletry bag. One of these bags didn’t make the trip. Can you guess which one?

If you said the bag full of shirts with fun sayings (and the rest of my clothes), you’d be correct. Go ahead and laugh. *SIGH* Wally World got a few bucks richer tonight. The only good thing about it was finding reasonably priced jeans since I’ve been meaning to go jeans shopping.

I’m blaming this on Flash. Since she didn’t make the trip, all of the bad luck that attacks her during pre-con preparations is coming after me. This won’t happen next year because I’m dragging her along as a buffer.

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