Dragon*Con: Getting Ready

It’s almost here — Dragon*Con. Only a few more days.

I’m spending all of today getting ready. I actually had to start a to-do list so I wouldn’t forget anything… well, unless I forget to put it on the list. 😛

I was supposed to start doing stuff yesterday but a sinus migraine had me laid up. It’s still with me, but I can’t let it stop me today. A little Zyrtec should knock it right out… I hope. If not, I’ll just be running my errands in pain.

Interrupting bulletin — in the midst of trying to get ready for Dragon*Con I found out that ERIS will be in print in 2-4 weeks. This is a Yippee moment and an Ack moment. Yippee because of the obvious reasons. ERIS will be in a print. WOOT! Ack because that’s more added to my list of things to get done today.

Technically I don’t have to deal with my ERIS stuff today but it’ll bug me if I don’t. I want to concentrate on Dragon*Con and writing this weekend, not promo.

In later news, I have discovered Vampire Game by Judal. I’ll be collecting all fifteen volumes and reading them (probably in one go). So look for that review once the Dragon*Con madness wears off.

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