Dream Sharing (I Had To)

Normally I’m not one who is big on telling people about my dreams. I mean, who cares, right? But ever so often I have a dream that bears telling for whatever reason. This dream was sprinkled in awesome so I’m torturing you all with it (if you read this post).

So here goes…

The beginning of the dream is unimportant and completely unrelated to the meat-and-potatoes part of the dream. I think it was just a means to get to the end. *shrug*

So I’m walking down this hall. It’s like in a mall but it’s dark like the mall is closed and/or closing. There are people with me and my dream self registers that but I can’t remember who they are now. They were important at the time though (don’t you hate that? Stuff that only makes sense in dreams).

Anywho, I’m walking down this hall. Ahead of me there are four people. On my right side is Justin Timberlake (I kid you not!) and he’s walking with one of his former N’Sync-ers. I can’t remember which one but I knew during the dream. On my left, across the hall from Justin, is Salt and Pepa from Salt N’ Pepa. (I told you this dream was sprinkled in awesome :P).

We’re all walking along, not together just walking. I didn’t even realize who was walking ahead of me until Justin spoke. *big grin* Justin looks over and Salt and Pepa and he said something along the lines of (can’t really remember it), “I always like to know the names of pretty girls I meet. What’s yours?”

Here I am looking at him like, he didn’t really just say that. My and my big mouth blurt out, “They are Salt and Pepa. Duh!”

Justin looks back at me with this surprised and embarrassed look on his face. “For real!?” And I’m nodding at him and said, “You didn’t know?”. Meanwhile Salt and Pepa are laughing and I started laughing. Justin runs off and hides in the bathroom, which conveniently shows up (love dreams for that reason).

I called after him, “I’m so writing about this in my blog!” (and I am). I’m all anxious to get home just so I can write about it. I mean no one would believe that I saw these people and not only that but I saw one of them make a major goof. It was too funny.

So I keep walking and Salt and Pepa disappear. They reappear a moment (dream moment, no telling how long it really was) later walking back from where ever they had gone. I get the impression (in the dream) that they had gone to the ladies’ room.

They come out and then Salt does something that is just as embarrassing as what Justin did earlier. For the life of me, I can’t remember what it was. Like I forgot the second I woke up but it was another thing I had planned to write about in my blog and she was saying I was naughty (her word) for doing it. I really wish I could remember what she did because it was hilarious at the time.

Back to the dream, Pepa said to Salt, “Someone’s going to think I hit you in the eye.” She looks at me because I’m watching them with curious interest. She said, “There’s this thing on the side.”

I look at Pepa and don’t see anything and she like, “On Salt not me.” So I go over to Salt and she pulls down her sunglasses and there’s this star-burst-looking kind of thing at the corner of her left eye. I said, “It looks like a rash. You should go to the doctor and get it checked out. You probably had an allergic reaction to something.” I’m thinking it was her sunglasses but I didn’t say it.

Salt said, “I don’t like going to doctors. They always want to treat it right then. It’s a pain.”

And I said, “Duh. That’s why people go to doctors, to get treated. And you should before what that is gets worse.”

Salt doesn’t look like she’s planning to go and changes the subject. “Oh hey, I almost forgot. I need to give you your pictures. They earned some money so you get that too.”

(dream logic, wait for it). I get all happy. Great. She got the pictures. I’d wanted to see them. I want to ask how much money they made but don’t want to sound greedy so I keep my mouth shut even though whatever amount would really help with my bills. So I go to my purse, which is on the ground next to some of my other stuff that miraculously appears (I would NEVER put my purse on the ground). I dig out a business card and hand it to her.

I’m about to tell her to just email me for my address and then I’m like ‘duh, stupid, just give her your address’. So she gives me a notebook where I can write down my address. While I’m writing I ask her if she plans to go to RT (Romantic Times Convention) again this year. Oh by the way, in dream time, I “remember” that last RT is where we took the pictures and Salt was going to publish them someplace that would pay her and she said she would give me a cut of that. She says she wasn’t that impressed with RT and it seemed like more hassle than it was worth so she was going to pass but she did have fun at the parties.

Meanwhile, I’m writing my address in handwriting I don’t normally use and it’s taking up waaaaay too much room and has too many lines (it’s a dream, what do you want?). So I have to put the city, state, and zip on another page with an arrow pointing to it so she knows that’s the last part. The weird thing was that I put Richmond, VA. I don’t currently live in Richmond but I used to. As I’m writing it, I think it looks wrong but I shrug and go with it.

That’s where the dream ends. How weird is that?

This is the second time I’ve had a dream featuring celebrities who sort of know me. Is my subconscious trying to tell me something or is it wishful thinking? Or maybe even a mini-ego boost. 😀

The other dream I had was back before I moved. It featured Bono from U2. In a nutshell, he invites me to this super secret birthday party he’s having (have to know a password to get in) because his wife loves my books. In fact, she made him read one and he loves them now too. So much so that he wants me to hand out promo at his birthday party because he knows that the people there will love my stuff and buy tons. I was freaking out because I didn’t have enough promo for the amount of people he mentioned were coming and I didn’t want to hand out just business cards. That dream ended before the party got started but I was there.

I was so totally psyched after having that dream. I even told Flash about it. We’re both hoping it’s prophetic. 😛

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