Snowed In

Maryland is snowed in. Yup, pretty much the whole state. Governor O’Malley has declared a second state of emergency in almost as many weeks. I called in to work last night thinking the snow would only get worse and I might get stuck at work (20-30min drive from my house depending on traffic). The snow was already a foot high and covering the ground as fast as I cleared it. After ten minutes of fighting with it, I said “screw it” and went back inside to the heat and my phone.

By 7am Saturday morning, everything I had cleared the night before was completely buried and there was a foot and a half snow drift outside my front door. That pretty much guaranteed I wasn’t going to work tonight either.

Around 9:30pm, I checked out MD transportation online and saw that O’Malley had called it and was telling people to stay off the roads for their own safety as well as to leave everything open and clear for emergency vehicles, so I did the call in thing again. I didn’t think anyone would be there but thought I should call just the same. Come to find out there were people there. One manager had actually braved conditions to show up while a few others had gotten snowed in from the night before and had to stay in a nearby hotel during the day. I guess they figured they might as well go to work since they were already there.

Suffice to say, if I’m going to be stuck, I’m glad I got stuck at home. Oh yeah, today is my Friday. 😛

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