Follow-Up: Alternative Living Expo

I’m back home after the weekend spent in PA. Flash and I stayed at PJ Schynder’s house with her lovely dogs Chelsea (shelty), Kaiser (german shepherd), and Mozart (wolf mix with odd eyes). Fun time for all though I’m sure poor Mozart was happy to have us out of the house. Poor baby was stressing himself out with so many females in the same room. I’m sure any guys reading this can sympathize. 😛

The expo was underwhelming at best. I was expecting a different type of crowd. Hell, I was expecting a crowd. I don’t know how Sunday turned out since we were only there on Saturday, but Saturday was pretty quiet.

Most of us were able to leave the booth and go wander for long periods of time without fear of missing anything. I went in search of a mermaid-style pin stripe skirt and came back with a red paneled waist cincher. After the guy put it on me, I had to have it.

That and some ear cuffs were the only things I bought. The ear cuffs are gorgeous. I love them. This is the first time I’ve worn anything resembling earrings in a loooooong time. I have holes but the middles are closed. Even if I open them back up, I can’t leave anything in for long before I start itching and damn near ripping off my ear lobes to get rid of the earrings. Not a pretty sight. Clip-ons hurt after an hour.

The best part of the trip was simply hanging out with PJ and her dogs. They are all such interesting personalities. It’s no wonder I want to make shifter characters out of them. And her cat is amazingly soft. I’ve never felt a cat that soft before.

Very fun weekend. We handed out lots of promo.


  1. @Mardel – I think it was supposed to encompass the entire meaning of that word. A lot of varied vendors–chain mail clothing, bondage gear, steampunk everything, corsets, alter-history, etc. They had live bands, jugglers, roller derby, and a booth with Absinthe sampling (the real stuff).

    So, in short, anything outside the definition of “normal”.

    ~ Renee

  2. Sounds like fun…some of it. I thought it might be something more specific…usually when I've heard alternative it's in relation to the gay “lifestyle” (lol, like being gay is a lifestyle choice). I know there's quite a variety of people and lives but I didn't realize that there would be an expo for it. Amazing. I think it would be fun to attend, even if you weren't into all the different….alternatives. 🙂

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