Goals: ERIS Upate #2

Side note: In case it wasn’t already obvious by the lack of an actual topic post, the topics are on hold this month. I don’t want to break my concentration long enough to write out a topic but they will return when I’m done.


I’m doing pretty well. I had to bust out 4000 words yesterday morning before I went to bed for the day but I made my goal. I even got some writing in before work and on my breaks (and I’m gonna do a little more before I go to sleep). 🙂

I swear, having to report to you guys (as it were) is keeping me on the ball. But it’s still not like work (the writing I mean). I’m having fun learning more about my characters and having to push forward has made me streamline the telling of the story a whole lot more (I had some convoluted thing I wanted to do but it got thrown out, which is for the best).

04 Nov 2007

Last Week’s Goal: 18,100 – 23,100

Current Word Count: 19,000

Goal Word Count: 33,000 – 38,000

Next Update: 12 Nov 2007

See you then!

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