Grocery Store Squeeeee!

This is truly a miscellaneous post. 😛

I just got back from the commissary (military grocery store). OH MY GOD! (That’s right. I spelled it out. Deal with it.) This commissary rocks!

Usually I have to go to two or three different places to get my food needs because I like Japanese cuisine. Most stores don’t carry pickled ginger, shiro miso, mirin, and ume boshi. This commissary does! I only have to make ONE STOP. Even better, the commissary is right across the street from my house.

Yes. I’m in Hawaii and gushing about my commissary. I have weird priorities. Just go with it.


  1. Yes it is. Which means that when the military moves us to a new house (they plan to renovate the one we're in now), we'll be hell and gone from the commissary and then I won't be able to walk across the street for my last minute food items.

    ~ Renee

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