Hell Week Cometh

Welcome to the middle of HELL WEEK. I am soooooo friggin’ exhausted. Not sleepy. EXHAUSTED.

I just finished working a 6 day stretch at Wally World (did I mention I HATE my day job and want to quit very much badly?). I’m finishing up prep for my tax appointment in the early AM (just realized I’ll be fighting rush hour to get to it *droop*). Lots and lots of data entry so I can have my numbers for the tax preparer (I’m still looking for receipts that got misplaced in the move). I have another little project that is coming to an end tonight (THANK GOD!) but needs tons of work before it does. And, I’m tweaking approx 3k of a 16k story so I can get it submitted. I’ve been sitting on it for a while but it needs to get out there. AND THEN I get to clean the friggin’ kitchen since some people are incapable of cleaning up after themselves (clean when I go to bed, a mess when I wake up). Fun fun.


  1. Have to go BACK to the tax preparer Monday because documents (that I know I printed out) up and walked. And she wanted info she didn't want last year so I wasn't prepared for it. UGH!

    At least one of my headaches has officially gone away as of today.

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