Listless… there’s a word. Meaning — lacking zest or vivacity (thank you Word Web). Made up of the words ‘list’ and ‘less’. ‘List’ being the archaic form of itself meaning to desire or to want to do something (thank you Wikitionary).

And of course there is the usage we are all familiar with. The noun referring to a piece of paper (typically) upon which several tasks or objects are written, usually one after the other and sometimes in a particular, so the person who wrote them can remember them.

With that meaning in mind, I am not listless. I have a very long list. I’ve only managed to accomplish two things from it all day and I’ve been up since before 7AM. However, the original meaning of the word applies.

I want to do all the things I laid out but have found myself faltering every time I try. One thing or another isn’t right. Rather than work around it, I stop. Every time I try to start, something doesn’t feel right and I stop again.

I know the cause and it annoys me. I usually get like this after I submit something. It’s like everything locks up and has to be rebooted before I can continue functioning like normal… my version of normal.

Looks like I’ll be staring at the TV for a while.

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